Day 2: Biarritz

I’m sorry for not writing yesterday. After a journey of about 12 hours, I was so tired that I just wanted to rest and have a good night of sleep. I did a really long trip because I came by car. Traveling by plane is much quicker (I know) but, honestly, I prefer to travel by car because it is much more comfortable for me, as I don’t get sick. Despite being hot in Spain, the trip went well. And I’m also sorry for writing this post only in English, since I said I would write both in Portuguese and English. I’ll have a quite difficult day tomorrow so I need to rest, but because I didn’t want to left you guys without any news, I decide to write this only in English. If we think about it, writing in to languages makes us write almost two posts. I’ll take this chance to apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes, since this is not my mother tongue and I’m not used to write in English, as much as I’d like to.

Today was like my free day before starting my weeks of excavation. I visited Biarritz, as you can see by the title of the post. Biarritz is located in the Bay of Biscay, on the Atlantic coast. This city is quite popular among tourists and surfers. It’s not only a popular choice among the French, but also for Spaniards, Brits, Swiss and Dutch. I’ve been once but I only stayed for a night in a hotel outside the city centre, thus I didn’t see anything of this town. All I have to say is that Biarritz looks like a small version of Monte-Carlo (Monaco). This is not only a luxurious seaside town as Monte-Carlo, but it also has in common amazing and beautiful 5* hotels (such as “Hôtel du Palais”) and a casino overlooking the beach. And of course (how could I forget this detail), high fashion stores, such as Hèrmes and Longchamp. I’ll show you above some of the photos I took of the city.

While here, I ended up by visiting one of town’s museums: “Musée de la Mer” (Museum of the Sea). I would say it is an intermediary museum between our “Aquário Vasco da Gama” and our “Oceanário de Lisboa” (Lisbon Oceanarium), both in Lisbon. It is interesting but quite expensive for the kinds of animals they show. Our “Oceanário” is as expensive but here our money is better spent. I’ll also show you some photos that I took in the “Musée de la Mer”. I didn’t do a single thing to my photos, i.e. I didn’t use photoshop or any other program on them, so some of them won’t look that good.

























Has anyone been to Biarritz? What do you think of the photos?


15 thoughts on “Day 2: Biarritz

  1. Beauty Addicts says:

    Adorei as fotos do museu do mar !! Muito muito interesssante ! -Gostei também daquela dos chapeus as riscas 😀

    R: Tambem me acontece o mesmo, de ficar a olhar para as novas coleçoes nos saldos lool 😮


  2. Inês says:

    Adorei as fotos…espero que esteja a correr tudo bem 🙂
    Já estive uma vez na praia em França (não me recordo qual), e apesar de serem muito bonitas (e algumas mais bem cuidadas que as portuguesas), a água não podia ser mais gelada 😐
    Boa sorte 😉


  3. Cat's says:

    Olá =) Eu já estou de regresso … Não necessitei de falar francês, como estava num evento europeu dava para ir falando inglês com quase todas as pessoas 😛 Aproveita muitooo estes meses, as fotos são lindas…fico à espera de mais! eheh… beijinho


  4. Rita says:

    Adorei as fotos, ainda não conhecia esse sitio!
    Também já fui a França de carro, é realmente cansativo mas vale a pena porque passamos por muitos sítios interessantes 🙂 beijinhos*


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