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I am really amazed by the stuff that we can find on tumblr. For me, I think that there’s so many things wrong with the post (in the picture above). I seriously don’t get the obsession that some girls  (not just teenagers, though) have with being WAGs. FYI, WAGs is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen. I seriously don’t get it.

In a way, even though not definite, I would say that footballers are kinda of a turn-off for me. It’s not exactly them, but mostly their profession and what being a WAG means. It is rare when a football player spends his entire career in the same team, so you would eventually have to constantly change cities (or countries, or even continent) along with him. Unless you worked as a freelancer, in no way you would be able to keep your job, without actually living apart from him. And let’s face it, most of the WAGs that we know of don’t a have a proper job, except for being some sportsmen’s girlfriend or wife.

Honestly, that post makes me feel really sad for whoever wrote that. It would be such a waste of potential, for whatever she studied. And that last sentence makes it would like she lacks some self-respect, which is so bad. I don’t know… I’m not sure if I was able to properly explain myself, but I wouldn’t feel totally okay in a situation like that, especially because I’d hate myself for living at someone else’s expense. There are exceptions of course, I am not forgetting that, but I like myself too much to just be a simple accessory.

However, I have to contradict myself because there is actually an exception to all of this. For many reasons, that I am not going to enumerate here, that exception would be Juan Mata (x).

*I apologise for this super random and vain post*

30 Day TV Show Challenge #3

Your favourite new show (aired this TV season)… How To Get Away with Murder

Sem exageros, esta é sem dúvida uma das melhores séries que eu já vi na minha vida. E não me arrependo nada de a ter começado a ver em Setembro do ano passado. Honestamente, esta série é absolutamente FANTÁSTICA e BRILHANTE! Desde a selecção dos actores, passando pelo enredo e argumento, até à escolha da banda sonora, tudo nesta série é mesmo PERFEITO! Eu sempre fui fã do trabalho da Shonda Rhimes (também produtora das séries “Scandal” e “Grey’s Anatomy”), mas este é talvez o seu melhor trabalho até à data. E este post não podia ser uma melhor descrição desta série.

How To Get Away with Murder” segue a vida pessoal e profissional de Annalise Keating, uma professora de Direito Penal da Middleton University, Pensilvânia, uma das mais prestigiadas escolas de direito dos Estados Unidos da América. Como advogada de defesa criminal, Annalise seleccionou um grupo dos seus melhores alunos para trabalharem na sua empresa. Eles são: Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo e Wes Gibbins. Na sua vida pessoal, Annalise vive com o seu marido, Sam Keating; mas tem também uma relação secreta com Nate Lahey, um detective.

Criado e produzido por Peter Nowalk e Shonda Rhimes, “How To Get Away with Murder” conta com a participação de Viola Davis (como Annalise Keating), Billy Brown (como Nate Lahey), Alfred Enoch (como Wes Gibbins), Jack Falahee (como Connor Walsh), Aja Naomi King (como Michael Pratt), Karla Souza (como Laurel Castillo), Matt McGorry (como Asher Millstone), Katie Findlay (como Rebecca Sutter), Charlie Weber (como Frank Delfino), Liza Weil (como Bonnie Winterbottom), Tom Verica (como Sam Keating) e Megan West (como Lila Stangard).

Without any kind of exaggerations, this is without a doubt one of the best tv shows I’ve ever watched in my entire life. And I do not regret at all having started watching it last September. Honestly, this tv show is absolutely FANTASTIC and BRILLIANT! From the casting of its actors, passing by its plot and screenplay, to the choice of its soundtrack, everything in this tv show is simply PERFECT! I’ve always been a fan of Shonda Rhimes’ work (she is also the producer of “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”), but this is probably her best work to date. And this post couldn’t offer a better description of this tv show.

“‘How to Get Away with Murder’ follows the personal and professional life of Annalise Keating, a criminal law professor at the fictional Middleton University in Philadelphia, one of the most prestigious law schools in America. A criminal defence lawyer, Annalise selects a group of her best students from her university class to work at her firm. They are Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo and Wes Gibbins. In her personal life, Annalise lives with her husband, Sam Keating; but she also has a secret relationship with Nate Lahey, a local Philadelphia detective” (x).

Created and produced by Peter Nowalk and Shonda Rhimes, “How To Get Away with Murder” stars Viola Davis (as Annalise Keating), Billy Brown (as Nate Lahey), Alfred Enoch (as Wes Gibbins), Jack Falahee (as Connor Walsh), Aja Naomi King (as Michael Pratt), Karla Souza (as Laurel Castillo), Matt McGorry (as Asher Millstone), Katie Findlay (as Rebecca Sutter), Charlie Weber (as Frank Delfino), Liza Weil (as Bonnie Winterbottom), Tom Verica (as Sam Keating), and Megan West (as Lila Stangard).

Wait! There’s more to be seen!

Burberry Prorsum @ London Fashion Week Spring 2015

E uns dias mais tarde, estamos de volta ao mundo da moda. Para quem não tem acompanhado esta rubrica, eu vou utilizando, como base, as novas colecções de casas de moda para vos dar a conhecer as novas tendências. Devo dizer que está é uma das minhas casas de moda favoritas, se não a favorita delas todas. Sem mais rodeios, hoje venho apresentar-vos a nova colecção de Primavera/Verão da Burberry Prorsum.

And a few days later, today we are back in the world of fashion. For those of you who haven’t been following this rubric, I’ve been using, as a base, the new collections from fashion houses to show you guys the new trends. I must say that this is one of my favourite fashion houses, if not the most favourite of them all. Without further ado, today I’m here to present you guys the new Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer collection.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 (1)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 (2)Burberry is a British fashion house, and I even dare to say that it must be, perhaps, the most famous worldwide. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, this luxury brand has not only clothing and accessory collections, but also jewellery, perfumery and make-up collections. Besides their famous pattern, one of its branding imagines are their trench coats, created in 1880. Until this moment, Burberry has three distinct collections: Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit.

A Burberry é uma casa de moda britânica e, atrevo-me a dizer que será, talvez, a mais famosa e conhecida mundialmente. Fundada em 1856 por Thomas Burberry, esta marca de luxo tem não só colecções de roupa e de acessórios, como também está presente nos campos da joalharia, perfumaria e maquilhagem. Para além do seu tão famoso padrão, uma das imagens de marca da Burberry são as suas “trench coats”, criadas em 1880. Até ao momento, a Burberry conta com três colecções distintas: Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London e Burberry Brit.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 (3)Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 (4)No que diz respeito às tendências, há um claro contraste entre as cores mais claras e as cores mais escuras, algo que tem acompanhado todas as estações nos últimos anos. No segundo conjunto, podemos encontrar diferentes texturas: pêlo, o efeito de escamas e lantejoulas. Para além destas tendências, pode-se destacar ainda o uso de casacos de pêlo, padrões e de peças transparentes. Eu penso que esta é uma colecção bastante versátil, e que facilmente poderá ser usada nos nossos conjuntos de dia-a-dia. Eu estou seriamente apaixonada por todos estes conjuntos e não consigo escolher apenas um, por isso, eu vou optar pelas malas como as minhas peças favoritas nesta colecção.

As for the trends, there is a clear contrast between light colours and darker colours, something that has been around for the past years, for every season. On the second set, we can see different textures: fur, effect of scales and sequins. Apart from these trends, we can also highlight the use of fur coats, patterns and transparent pieces of clothing. I think this is a very versatile collection that can easily be used in you day-to-day outfits. I’m seriously in love with all of these outfits and I can’t pick just one, so I am actually going to choose the handbags as my favourite pieces in this collection.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?

87th Academy Awards winners

This year I haven’t been paying much attention to these ceremonies. Well, I have actually paid some attention; I just didn’t publish anything here, as I did in the past years. I was going to watch the ceremony live, and I had everything planed to do it and still be able to sleep properly, because the ceremony here ends a little bit late, but my damn roommate got home late and made so much noise that by the time the ceremony started I had just fallen asleep. And since I have so much work to do today (Monday), sleeping was the most wise decision. I am really pissed of that I didn’t manage to watch it because I was really looking forward to it.

But without further ado, here are the 87th Academy Awards winners!

Best Picture: “Birdman
Best Foreign Language Film: Poland – “Ida
Best Animated Feature Film: “Big Hero 6

Best Animated Short Film: “Feast
Best Live Action Short Film: “The Phone Call
Best Documentary Feature: “CitizenFour
Best Documentary Short Subject: “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Best Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu (“Birdman”)
Best Actor in a Leading Role: Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything”)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”)
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood”)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Graham Moore (“The Imitation Game”)
Best Original Screenplay: Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. and Armando Bo (“Birdman”)

Best Production Design: “The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Cinematography: “Birdman
Best Film Editing: “Whiplash
Best Visual Effects: “Interstellar

Best Costume Design: “The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Makeup and Hairstyling: “The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Original Score: “The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Original Song: “Glory” from “Selma
Best Sound Editing: “American Sniper
Best Sound Mixing: “Whiplash

On one hand, this ceremony was once more totally predictable. And Eddie couldn’t have deserved more his award – he did a phenomenal performance. But on the other hand, I was expecting that “The Theory of Everything” would win more awards, and honestly how did “American Sniper” win even one award? How? Anyway, what do you guys have to say about this year’s winners?

30 Day Music Challenge #24

A song by a band you wish were still together…

Eu comecei a pensar sobre isto há bastante tempo atrás (sim porque ando a fazer este desafio já desde Setembro de 2013), por isso eu até que escolhi diversas bandas. Eu acabei por não escolher nenhuma delas porque entretanto as bandas voltaram ao activo. Infelizmente, os My Chemical Romance não foram um desses casos. Eu admito que já não oiço os álbuns deles há imenso tempo, mas eles eram uma das minhas bandas favoritas enquanto adolescente. Eu, por acaso, estive TÃO perto de os ver ao vivo em Portugal, algures entre o meu 7º e 9º anos. É mesmo uma pena que a banda tenha acabado há dois anos, mas estou bastante contente pelo facto de o Gerard Way ainda estar a tocar e actuar (eu ainda tenho de ouvir o álbum dele, num destes dias). De qualquer modo, eu continuo a gostar bastante deles e esta é uma das minhas músicas favoritas deles. Eu lembro-me que na altura eu sabia a letra completa desta música; mesmo a coisa TODA [e a minha memória não é nada boa para estas coisas].

I started thinking about this a long time ago (yeah because I’ve been doing this challenge since September 2013), so I’ve actually chosen a few different bands. I ended up by not picking any of those because they’re back together again. Unfortunately, My Chemical Romance were not one of those cases. I’ll admit that I haven’t listened their albums in such a long time but they were one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager. I was actually THIS close to have gone to their concert in Portugal, sometime between my 7th and 9th grade. It’s a shame that the band ended two years ago but I’m super happy for the fact that Gerard Way is still playing and performing (I really have to listen to his solo album, one of these days). Either way, I still like them a lot and this is one of my favourite songs by them. I remember that back in the time I knew the entire lyrics of this song; like really the WHOLE thing [and my memory is not even good for these kind of things].

Que canção é que escolheriam? | Which song would you choose?

Holland: One Day @ Rotterdam

I didn’t have much time to wander around the city, but from what I could see, it seems to be very pretty. The buildings and streets are just like any other Dutch city. I don’t think we will find much differences between Dutch cities, to be honest. Probably the part that I enjoyed more about the city was its underground, but maybe just because I haven’t been in one since the beginning of the year. To be honest, from some stations to others, it actually seemed to go a lot faster than the ones I’ve been in other countries. But I’m pretty sure it’s roughly the same speed everywhere. As I had previously mentioned at the end of last year/beginning of this one, I bought myself a ticked for one of the semi-finals of the ABN-AMRO World Tennis Tournament, which is held everywhere at Rotterdam. This semi-final was played between Gilles Simon and Tomas Berdych. This match was won by the last player, with the following result: 6-2 6-1

As for the tennis match, which was what took me to Rotterdam in the first place, it was bloody amazing. The Ahoy area is pretty fancy, to be honest, which makes me question, how much more fancy are the grand slams then? In respect to the match itself, I now do understand people who actually love those really long matches. This was awfully too quick. It didn’t even lasted for one hour. However, if it was either Rafael Nadal or Maria Sharapova playing, I’d prefer instead a quick match. I was expecting so much more from Gilles Simon considering the fact that he defeated Andy Murray in the previous round. Either way, Tomas Berdych played an amazing match from the very first minute, and he was definitely the best in the court during the whole match.

Watching tennis matches live actually makes you notice an awful lot of details. First, it seems that they have no time at all to rest between points – it seems to be a lot more on TV. Second, I never noticed that the ball kids and the line judges are substituted during the match itself. Third, even if he players scream or shout something, it’s actually not that loud as it seems on TV.

Regarding this specific match, I have one last comment to make. THAT WAS THE WORST UMPIRE I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Honestly, it got to a point, very early in the match, when I just wanted to shout – “Sir, you suck!“. First, poor Gilles. His last name is Simon not Simone. Second, don’t shush people; that seems rude. Just say as everyone else does: “silence please“. Third, it’s THIR-TY and FOR-TY, not THIR-TEEN and FOUR-TEEN. Honestly, he did a really made job. And plus, we could hear some of his reactions to the match. Like, man that’s not your job. I’m not saying that he had to have a perfect British accent, but people should be sure that the umpires can actually pronounce the words correctly.

Lastly, about the photographs themselves. I’m sorry that they aren’t of great quality. It was a really crappy day to take photographs, and plus, I still have to learn how to take better photos indoors. I have published a few other photos on the blog’s instagram account (you can check it here). And all these photos were altered using the programme pixelmator.

Rotterdam 1

Rotterdam 2

Rotterdam 3

Rotterdam 4

Rotterdam 5

Rotterdam 6

Rotterdam 7

Rotterdam 8

Rotterdam 9

Rotterdam 10

Rotterdam 11

Rotterdam 12

Rotterdam 13

Rotterdam 14

Rotterdam 15

Rotterdam 16

The view that I had from my seat.
The view that I had from my seat.

Rotterdam 18

Rotterdam 19

Rotterdam 20

Rotterdam 21

Rotterdam 22

Rotterdam 23

Rotterdam 24

Rotterdam 25

Andrew Gn @ Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

E mais uma vez estamos de volta ao mundo da moda. Admito que esta é uma casa de moda à qual nunca prestei muita atenção, mas esta é sem dúvida uma das colecções de que mais gostei. E honestamente penso que esta colecção é uma óptima representação da Primavera e do Verão. Hoje apresento-vos a nova colecção de Primavera/Verão de Andrew Gn.

And once again, we are back into the fashion world. I will admit that this is a fashion house which I have never paid much attention to, but this has become, without a doubt, one of the collections that I liked the most. And honestly, I think that this collection is a great representation of both Spring and Summer. So today I will show you guys the new Andrew Gn‘s Spring/Summer collection.

Andrew Gn Spring 2015 (1)
In 1996, Andrew Gn created this fashion house, in Paris, to which he gave his own name. As seen in so many other fashion houses that I’ve already shown you guys, several celebrities have been using Andrew Gn’s pieces, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Céline Dion.

Em 1996, Andrew Gn criou esta casa de moda, em Paris, à qual deu o seu próprio nome. Tal como tantas outras casas de moda de que já vos falei, várias celebridades usam peças de Andrew Gn, entre as quais, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow e Céline Dion.

Andrew Gn Spring 2015 (2)
Continuando na mesma temática da colecção anterior que vos mostrei (podem ver o seu post aqui), esta colecção também é bastante colorida, ainda que em moldes diferentes. De um modo geral, as novas tendências voltam a centrar-se em torno do uso de cores vivas, acabando mesmo por criar conjuntos arrojados, em que várias cores são misturadas. Exemplo disto são os conjuntos 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 e 12. No entanto, as cores neutras continuam em alta, como o preto, o branco, o cinzento e as tonalidades mais claras das restantes cores.

Continuing with the same theme as the one in the last collection that I’ve shown you guys (you can see its post here), this collection is also very colourful, yet in a different form. Generally speaking, the new trends are centred around the use of bright colours, ending up by creating really bold outfits, in which different colours are mixed with each other. Examples of this are the outfits number 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12. However, neutral colours are still very much present, such as black, white, grey, and lighter tons of the remaining colours.

Andrew Gn Spring 2015 (3)
We can still highlight the following trends: black and white outfits (as the 2nd one) and patterns (outfits 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16). Honestly, I really like each and every one of these pieces of clothing, which is why I find it so hard to just pick one favourite. The dress from outfit 5 is just absolutely beautiful and dashing, not only for the model of the dress itself, but also for its floral pattern. The dress from outfit 13 and both coats from outfits 15 and 16 are also some of my favourite pieces of clothing.

Podemos ainda destacar as seguintes tendências: conjuntos preto e branco (como o segundo) e padrões (conjuntos 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16). Honestamente, eu gosto tanto de todas as peças, pelo que me é quase impossível escolher uma favorita. O vestido do conjunto 5 é absolutamente lindo e elegante, não só pelo modelo em si do vestido, mas também pelo padrão floral. O vestido do conjunto 13 e os casacos dos conjuntos 15 e 16 também são algumas das minhas peças favoritas.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?