My 2015 in Movies #1

This is my first cinematographic reviews of 2015. I cannot believe I have watched around twenty films already, and it’s only been three months. Well, the holidays at the beginning of the year kinda helped me, because I had more free time – maybe too much, now that I think about it. And fortunately I have kept my new tradition of movie nights with friends on the weekends. After spending days and days studying, writing essays and reading dozens of articles, it feels really nice just to relax and watch some films. This is definitely one of the best things I can do in my free time. Bear in mind that some of these reviews were written before the Oscars, while others were written after the ceremony.

Movies 2015 (1)
LOL – romantic comedies aren’t exactly my thing but this was quite enjoyable. The film is super cheesy sometimes, as usual, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’ll give it extra points for their soundtrack which as good. This film turned out to be way better than I ever expected.

Into the Woods – this is essentially a weird film. Well, at least its last part because until a certain point it’s quite normal actually. I really loved this film but I’ll still say it is a bit weird. When I saw it, I had no idea it was a musical but I kinda liked that aspect. It’s a different perspective of the old-fairy tales from Disney, but with a really weird twist at the end. I can’t say much without giving away the whole plot, but this new perspective was really well done. And this film is so funny – I haven’t laughed that much when seeing a film (maybe that’s because I haven’t seen many comedies lately).

The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring – I can’t remember the last time I saw this film, so it was like it was the first time ever seeing it. I do remember that this has been the only LOTR film that I could see from the beginning to the end, but I can’t figure out why. I guess I’ll have to watch the other two to understand that. The funny part about this film is that we know that it was praised for its visual effects and all but in our eyes now yet aren’t that good. Nevertheless, this film is absolutely amazing and the soundtrack continues to be one of the best parts of this trilogy (including now The Hobbit trilogy too).

The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers – and I still have no idea why I could only watch the first installment of this trilogy. These are seriously really good films – now I just have to watch the third one. Despite this being a somewhat old film (since they were all made in the early 2000s and much has happened in the cinematographic world), its visual effects are still incredibly amazing. And other thing that has always amazed me in these films was Legolas – the way they make him move (with the help of wires or a stunt; I don’t care which one because at the end it is bloody amazing).

The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King – this is so so good and amazing. I think this is pretty much how I could summarise the entire trilogy. It is bloody awesome and I wonder why I never watched this before. I know I watched the first one but I don’t know why I didn’t watch the other ones. These three films are really good but I believe this one is the best of them all. The acting continues to be perfect and everything, but what I find great about this film is its plot – the best of the three of them.

Despicable Me – I loved, loved, loved it. This film is so so god damn good and funny, mostly funny. Everything about this film was just pure perfection: the characters, their voices, the plot, the soundtrack; everything was absolutely amazing. Agnes became definitely my favourite character from the first second I saw her, and those minions are the most adorable thing in the world.

Despicable Me 2 – it is as funny and as amazing as the first instalment of this film series. Everything I wrote for the first film reflects this film too. I loved both of them and I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that they are going to do a third one. These films were completely made for children but I think that they suitable for everyone. I may not be a child anymore but I’ll always love these kind of films.

Matilda – still in the family cinematographic genre, this is another really good film. It is sweet, cute, funny and super enjoyable. At the end of the day, this is a children’s film but I would still recommed it to anyone.

Jumanji - another film for children and another really good one. It’s nothing extraordinary but enough for a boring weekend afternoon or evening.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier – finally I saw it, after wanting for like half a year to do it. This film is so so amazing, and really well done as the rest of the Marvel films. It’s not only the visual effects and the soundtrack, but also the storyline, which was well thought. That last scene was amazing. It really just makes me wanna beg them to give me Captain America 3. The only thing that I didn’t like was some of he fight scenes with Steve Rogers, at the very beginning of the film because they seemed a bit too over the top. I don’t know, they just didn’t feel natural at all. But apart from that, I don’t have any more flaws to point out.

Movies 2015 (2)
Juno – this is another film that I’ve been wanting to see for so long, by never actually did it. And I’ve just realised that I say this a lot of time. I’m really bad at keep up with new films and all that stuff, despite the fact that every year I always make these big lists of films to watch. About this film… It is really amazing. Seriously, it is really good and you all should see it, if you haven’t done it already. I loved Juno and Ellen Page couldn’t have been better chosen for that role. I really liked the storyline of this film and it actually did surprise me, but in a positive way (which unfortunately isn’t always what we find in these kind of films).

The Theory of Everything – this is really an extraordinary film, with an even more brilliant performance by Eddie Redmayne, whom I believe should win the oscar for Best Actor, this year. And Felicity Jones did such a phenomenal job too. Honestly, both of them deserve their own oscars. I know the year barely started but I also know for sure that this will be one of my favourite films this year. It is beyond amazing; I honestly don’t think any existing world is worth enough to explain how much I loved this film. It really should win the oscar for best film.

I Love You, Beth Cooper – this is such a big cheesy film, like really really cheesy. But cute nonetheless. As any other romantic comedy, especially between teenagers, this film is super predictable. However, if you’re down and need something to cheer you up, this will certainly do it because it has some really funny moments (totally cheesy though).

Identified Thief – also, if you’re feeling sad and need something to make you laugh, this film is a great choice. I think we can argue that it’s ending was somewhat not predictable. The really good thing about this film is that it really makes you laugh from the beginning until the end. Other good aspect is that is actually incorporates some character development along the way, something that some films fail to produce.

The Imitation Game – this is a historical detail that I don’t know much about, so I won’t comment on that. But this film is bloody amazing; so so good. It gives us an entirely different perspective on what the war must have been. Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t have been better chosen to play the main character. I mean, the whole cast did an amazing job with their performances. Unfortunately, there is not enough room for every great film to be truly recognised by the Academy. Not related with the film itself but rather with the history behind it… If what they portray in this film is exactly what happened (aspects related with the war, not necessarily with Turin’s life), then just wow… It just left me a little bit puzzled right now.

Men, Women & Children – this film makes us think about life way more than I was expecting from it. It actually makes us realise how much people don’t actually communicate face-to-face these days. I don’t believe that this theme is completely new, but this film is really good. First conclusion about the plot, life and relationships very complicated and some people are really messed up too. It’s not amazing but it is a really good film. I recommend it.

A Million Ways to Die in the West – this film is funny, we gotta admit it, but it isn’t absolutely great. It is as cliché and predictable as any romantic comedy, and I think this shouldn’t be one of those cases. And at the end there’s a scene that I really didn’t like – it was a bit racist, if I’m to be totally honest about it. But the film is still perfectly watchable and entertaining.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb – despite the fact that this is the last instalment of this trilogy, you can actually watch each film individually. There’s a connection between them, that’s true, but you understand the film’s plot without even having watched the other two. It’s a funny movie, that’s for sure. If you wanna laugh, this is a good choice. But I don’t know. It’s funny but I think there’s something missing in it – not sure what though. At the end, there are two scenes with a monkey, and that’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Dear White People – this film has a somehow weird (or at least different) format but it is a really good film. The film revolves around many stereotypes that our society has created over the years, and the producers did this brilliantly. There’s plenty to reflect on and discuss among the theme of this film, which is probably one of the best features of this film. Overall, this film just makes us realise that there’s still plenty to change in our society, and it just makes me question how hard is it to understand that we are all human beings. Either way, it is a really amazing film: you should all watch it.

The Riot Club – this film is really really good and amazing, but at the same time it is quite disturbing if we think that its plot is not exactly fiction. Considering that this club has actually a really bad reputation and that some of its members have been arrested in the past (and present), just makes me wonder what’s going on with this society. All the authors did amazing performances, especially Sam Claflin – really loved him in this film; he did indeed surprise me again for his brilliant performance.

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think about it?

Carolina Herrera @ New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

E mais uma vez estamos de volta ao mundo da Moda. E também estamos de volta à semana da moda de Nova Iorque, a qual esteve um pouco esquecida neste mês. Como já sabem do que se trata nestes posts, vou passar já à apresentação da nova colecção de Primavera/Verão da Carolina Herrera.

And once more we’re back to the fashion world. E we are also back to the New York fashion week, which was quite forgotten during the past month. And because you all know what these posts are all about, I’ll skip right away and present you guys the new Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer collection.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 (1)
Carolina Herrera New York is an American fashion house created in 1980 by Carolina Herrera herself. So far, this luxury brand has 280 stores in 104 countries. Apart from its ready-to-wear collection, this fashion house also has another line: CH Carolina Herrera (created in 2008). This fashion house has dressed several important female figures, such as the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana of Orléans, Duchess of Anjou, Duchess of Cadaval.

A Carolina Herrera New York é uma casa de moda americana, criada em 1980 pela própria Carolina Herrera. Até ao momento, esta marca de luxo tem 28’0 lojas em 104 países. Para além da sua colecção de pronto-a-vestir, esta casa de moda também tem outra linha: CH Carolina Herrera (criada em 2008). Esta casa de moda tem vestido diversas figuras femininas importantes, como a antiga primeira dama Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, e a Princesa Diana de Orleães, Duquesa de Anjou, Duquesa do Cadaval.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 (2)
Mais uma vez, temos presente um contraste entre cores claras (branco) e cores escuras (vermelho, púrpura e preto), com um grande destaque para tons mais neutros (como o bege, cinzento e amarelo). Neste sentido, é ainda de destacar o uso da cor salmão e de conjuntos pretos-e-brancos.

Once more, we have the presence of a contrast between light colours (white) and dark colours (red, purple and black), with a huge emphasis on neutral colours (beige, grey and yellow). In this sense, we can also highlight the use of the salmon colour and black-and-white outfits.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2015 (3)
As for the rest, we can also highlight the use of a diverse range of patterns in this collection (outfits 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, and 18). I must admit I’m not an avid fan of yellow, but this pastel shade is absolutely pretty, and it really screams Spring. The two pieces of clothing in salmon (the jacket in the picture 5 and the dress in the picture 6) are absolutely my favourite ones.

De resto, é de salientar o uso de diversos padrões nesta colecção (conjuntos 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17 e 18). Admito que não sou fã de amarelo, mas este tom pastel é sem dúvida muito bonito, e completamente a cara da Primavera. As duas peças em cor salmão (o casaco da imagem 5 e o vestido da imagem 6) são sem dúvida as minhas favoritas.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?

Random | Public View vs Reality: Archaeology version

I believe that anything (material or immaterial) that we can think about will always have its stereotypes, which pretty much have nothing to do with reality. This is actually something quite easily seen in any academic degree. And mine, of course, is not immune to these judgements. Truth be told, there isn’t and never will be a no shortage of stereotypes related with what Archaeology is.

archaeology (1)
The first association that everyone makes is with Indiana Jones, and honestly you guys couldn’t be more far from the truth. There’s no archaeology in those films. And to be fair, I literally hate Indiana Jones. I’ve only watched the third film and it was just because Shia LaBeouf appeared on it. Currently, not even him you convince me to watch these films.

Second: gold. Piles and piles of gold. And once again this is a big fat NO. To be honest (but someone do correct me if I’m wrong), it’s not even that huge of a find. I mean, I’m sure Bronze/Iron Age archaeologist wouldn’t mind finding lots of gold artefacts, but I’m pretty sure their more interested in other kinds of materials. Either way, it’s not like we’re digging holes in the earth and finding lost gold treasures. And by the way, we don’t dig holes because yes and randomly. There’s always a bloody purpose behind it and an extended survey to choose the specific place to dig.

I’ve been asked before if Archaeology is like the TV show Bones, which obviously has nothing to do with this. Bones is related with Forensic Anthropology. There’s absolutely no Archaeology in it too. The problem here is that people watch too much TV and don’t actually know how to distinguish reality from fiction.

And lastly, but not least important, DON’T EVER TALK ABOUT DINOSAURS TO AN ARCHAEOLOGIST! That would probably be the biggest mistake of your life. WE DON’T DIG DINOSAURS! That is the job of palaeontologists. This statement is not offensive but we really don’t like it.

archaeology (2)
And as for the TRUE Archaeology, these three pictures are just some examples of what we do and on what contexts we excavate. There’s a multitude of types of sites, so these are just two examples. We work we extremely complicated and long stratigraphies, sometimes. Those two pictures actually show too very different methods of excavation, pretty much also related with the period of the human occupations that are being dug. While the first one (the vertical picture) is in Atapuerca – a Palaeolithic site (i.e. the beginnings of Humankind), the second, which I don’t know where it is, must be from a more recent period. I cannot recognise the pot, but I would saying that it’s from sometimes between the Bronze/Iron Ages and the Roman period.

The remaining picture… I chose it because it portrays a clear picture of how dirty our job can be, sometimes. I can tell you guys that it is extremely bad having to inhale all that amount of dust. I used to cover my face with my t-shirt every time I had to do it. As a quick explanation: those two are doing a sieve analysis. It basically means that they are passing buckets of each dug out through sieves, in order to retrieve small artefacts that otherwise would have been missed. And this is actually only one of the ways of doing these analysis. It is the quickest one and the one doable on site, but it’s not exactly the best one actually.

I believe that the main point here is that we do what we do with a purpose. It all has a historical and research purpose behind it. We don’t dig just for the sake of it or because it is fun. It really has a purpose and I just wish more people would open their minds and actually realise it. Society is not only made of the finest technologies we can come up with. It’s also made of history and identities [we actually had a very interesting debate on this matter in one of my Prehistory classes].

FashionSkribo apresenta… “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”

E não há duas sem três, por isso, hoje é dia de mais uma sugestão cinematográfica em Março. Acho que vou voltar ao meu discurso do costume. Sim, ainda não consegui ler nenhum dos livros desta trilogia. E isto era aquilo que eu queria ter feito antes de ver os filmes. Mas enfim… Já que vi o primeiro, acho que vou acabar por ver o segundo filme sem ler os livros. Mas depois disto, quero mesmo ver se os leio.

Insurgent_movie poster
Uma escolha pode transformar-te ou destruir-te. Mas cada escolha tem as suas consequências. Ao mesmo tempo que a agitação aumenta nas facções em seu redor, Tris Prior tem de continuar a tentar salvar aqueles que alma – e ela mesma – enqunanto está a braços com questões de luto de perda, identidade e lealdade, política e amor. O dia de iniciação de Tris deveria ter sido marcado pela celebração e vitória com a sua facção escolhida; em vez disso, o dia terminou em horrores indizíveis. A guerra aparece agora à medida que conflitos entre as facções e as suas ideologias crescem. E em temos de guerra, os lados devem ser escolhidos, segredos irão surgir, e as escolhas irão-se tornar ainda mais irrevogáveis – e ainda mais poderosas. Transformada pelas suas próprias decisões mas também pelas assombrações de perda e culpa, novas descobertas radicais, e por mudanças nas suas relações, Tris tem de abração plenamanete a sua Divergência, mesmo que ela não saiba o que poderá perder ao fazê-lo.

Realizado por Robert Schwentke (“Tattoo“, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” e “R.I.P.D.“), “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” conta com a participação de Shailene Woolley (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager“, “The Descendants“, “The Spectacular Now“, “The Fault in Our Stars” e “Divergent” series), Theo James (“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger“, “The Inbetweeners Movie“, “Divergent” series e “Franny“), Octavia Spencer (“Red Band Society“, “The Help“, “Smashed“, “Snowpiercer” e “Get On Up“), Jail Courtney (“Spartacus“, “A Good Day to Die Hard“, “I, Frankenstein“, “Divergent” series e “Unbroken“), Ray Stevenson (“Rome“, “King Arthur“, “The Super Hero Squad“, “Thor” e “Divergent” series), Zoë Kravitz (“No Reservations“, “The Brave One“, “X-Men: First Class” e “Divergent” series), Miles Teller (“Footloose“, “The Spectacular Now“, “Divergent” series e “Whiplash“), Ansel Elgort (“Carrie“, “Divergent” series, “The Fault in Our Stars” e “Men, Women & Children“), Maggie Q (“Nikita“, “Stalker“, “Mission: Impossible III“, “Priest” e “Divergent” series), Naomi Watts (“I Heart Huckabees“, “King Kong“, “Dream House“, “Diana” e “Birdman“), Kate Winslet (“Titanic“, “Finding Neverland“, “The Holiday“, “The Reader” e “Divergent” series), entre outros.

Este filme conta com ambos boas e más críticas. Até ao momento, o filme tem uma classificação de 35% (com base em 155 críticas) no website de críticas – rottentomatoes. Este website apresenta a seguinte descrição: “Shailene Woodley gives it her all, but ‘Insurgent‘ is still a resounding step back for a franchise struggling to distinguish itself from the dystopian YA crowd“.

Insurgent_movie picture
The Divergent Series: Insurgent” estreia hoje (20 Março) nos Estados Unidos da América. Em Portugal, devido à diferença nos dias de estreias, este filme estreou ontem (19 Março).

As informações foram retiradas dos seguintes sites:,, e

Quem é que tem curiosidade em ver este filme?

Holland: Life in Leiden #4

After being in the Netherlands for about 6 months or so, I haven’t also talked about my experience of living by my own. Because of past experiences, I thought it would be a good idea to share an apartment with another person: it would keep me occupied and I wouldn’t have crazy ideas. However, I quickly realised I never actually needed something like this, and I should have just opted for an individual bedroom (with shared facilities). That was not the only reason why I chose the residence where I am now, though. This is the cheapest one that the university offers and that was the major reason why I chose it. And fortunately, it ended up by being the closest residence to the faculty building, which is something quite awesome.

I seriously love when the northern countries of Europe complain about how bad the southern countries are. Oh well honeys, you seriously need to look at your own belly buttons, and especially at your little precious Netherlands because consumer service here is a JOKE! Honestly, the next time someone says something bad about us southerners, I will punch that person in the face really hard. This being said, I will let you know already that there’s gonna be a lot of complaining in this post…

But beginning with the positive side of all of this: I am saving money. Yeah that’s it. Well, actually is not the only good thing about this residence. One of my friends also lives in this building which means plenty of get-togethers with our group of friends, dinners and movie nights. As I said, the building is only 5-minutes away from the faculty by bike (not so close if we go by feet though). It is located in a residential neighbourhood, which makes it a very quiet place (thank god), close to shops and several parks (but then again, where isn’t a park in this country?). However, it appears that Dutch people consider this as a bad neighbourhood, which made me realise two things about them: first, they really have NO idea of what a true bad neighbourhood is; and second, for such a liberal country, they are FAR more racists than what we could ever thought.

And now for the bad things. I’m going to keep this as short as possible. First, this building has no common area whatsoever, so there’s no chance of getting to know your neighbours or something like that, unless you end up meeting someone at the laundry room – which is another big fat JOKE. So second, we have the worst laundry room ever. It’s not only dirty (which is something that the company that owns the building should take care of), but the machines are also most of the time broken. Are they fixed immediately? Oh hell no. Have a few days passed? Then maybe they are fixed by now. Are we accused of lying when they’re broken? Yes we are. Third, we were left out of hot water three times in just one month. Plus, we’ve had countless problems with our internet connections Fourth, were the apartments clean when we moved in? No, of course not. Did we pay for them to be clean? Yes we did. Did it actually happen? No it did not. Fifth, the shower in the bathroom is the most annoying thing ever. We cannot control the temperature of the water. One minute is warm enough, then it gets super hot, you add a bit of cold water, and BAM, it’s freezing now. And then you have to use as little water pressure as possible or otherwise you will flood the entire bathroom.

DUWO, which is the company that owns this building (and several other residences in the city), has the worst costumer service, EVER. I’m not even exaggerating here. When we have any complaints to do, or any repair requests, we have to do them online. Do we receive answers? No. There’s no kind of reply from them. When we call them, are they nice, helpful? No, hell NO. The worst part of all of this is that everyone complains about their services, and this has been happening for years. I just don’t get how does this company still exist if they have such a bad service. They actually had a review column in their website, but because people were giving their service bad ratings, what did they do to it? They took it down, obviously.

And finally, as for the experience of sharing an apartment… I’m living in a studio, which means that everything is shared. There’s a bathroom separated from the rest, just as the kitchen, but then the living room, dinning room and bedrooms are all together in one room. This means that there’s no kind of privacy, unless you close yourself inside the bathroom. After the first month, I was already tired of this situation and desperately praying to have my own bedroom back. This made me realise that I’m perfect to live by myself, alone, and not actually share an apartment (unless it means having my own bedroom). But then I think that maybe this wouldn’t be that bad if I actually had normal roommates.

I’ve had two different roommates (including the current one) and they were both from South America, which means sunny countries as Portugal. I don’t known if it’s a latina thing, or if both of them are afraid of the dark, but they can’t keep the freaking curtains closed during the night. It’s the most annoying thing, waking up at 5am with the sun rays in my face. It’s awful. I really like to sleep in dark environments, thank you. Then we would think that girls are tidy and clean. NOPE, not at all. Well, at least not these two. I seriously loved when my current roommate commented once that she can’t live in a place where the floor is dusty. Yeah I would get that if it wasn’t for the fact that she always leaves the kitchen and bathroom an entire mess after using them; and let’s not speak about the mess that is her side of the room (papers on the floor, shoes and clothes all over the furniture and floor, etc.). The bright side, it’s only four more months.

I wanted to share some photos just not to leave this post with a gigantic text, and because I had no idea of what to put here, I decided to take photos of tiny details of my part of the apartment.

Leiden 54 Leiden 55 Leiden 56 Leiden 57 Leiden 58 Leiden 59 Leiden 60 Leiden 61

Blumarine @ Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015

E mais uma vez estamos de volta ao mundo da Moda. O facto de estar a usar casas de moda internacionais para a elaboração destes posts tem me estado a dar a oportunidade de ficar a conhecer mais casas de moda. E a que vos apresento hoje é exactamente um destes casos. Assim, hoje apresento-vos a nova colecção de Primavera/Verão da Blumarine.

And once more we are back into the world of Fashion. The fact that I am using all these international fashion houses to elaborate these posts has given me the chance to get to know more and more fashion houses. And the one I’m presenting today is exactly one of these cases. Thus, today I present you guys the new Blumarine’s Spring/Summer collection.

Blumarine Spring 2015 (1)
Blumarine is an Italian brand that belongs to Blufin S.p.A. This fashion house was created in 1977 by Anna Molinari and by her (deceased) husband, Gianpaolo Tarabini. This fashion house has three different brands: Blumarine (the one I’m presenting today), Blugirl and Anna Molinari (the luxury brand of this fashion house).

A Blumarine é uma marca italiana que faz parte da Blufin S.p.A. Esta casa de moda foi criada em 1977 por Anna Molinari e pelo seu (falecido) marido, Gianpaolo Tarabini. Esta casa de moda conta com três marcas: a Blumarine (que vos apresento hoje), a Blugirl e Anna Molinari (a marca de luxo desta casa de moda).

Blumarine Spring 2015 (2)
A primeira tendência a realçar é a conjugação de cores neutras, sendo a mais comum os conjuntos pretos e brancos (conjuntos 1 a 4). Em segundo lugar, e em continuação com a colecção que vos apresentei no post anterior, o uso de tons nudes também se destacam nesta colecção (conjuntos 7 a 12).

The first trend that we can highlight is the conjugation of neutral colours, being the most common of them the black-and-white outfits (outfits 1 to 4). Secondly, and going accordingly with the collection that I presented in the previous post, the use of nude colours is also highlight in this collection (outfits 7 to 12).

Blumarine Spring 2015 (3)
As for the remaining of the collection, we can also pinpoint the following trends: patterns (mainly floral ones); fur (as in the last outfit); the use of laced (outfit 6), transparent (outfits 10, 11 and 14), and asymmetrical (outfits 2, 8 and 13) pieces of clothing. For me, the dress in the 6th picture is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the one in the 3rd picture.

De resto, pode-se também salientar as seguintes tendências: padrões (nomeadamente florais);  pêlo (como no último conjunto); uso de peças rendilhadas (conjunto 6), transparentes (conjuntos  10, 11 e 14) e assimétricas (conjuntos 2, 8 e 13). Para mim, o vestido da imagem 6 é absolutamente lindo, bem como o da imagem 3.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?

FashionSkribo apresenta… “Cinderella”

Ao fim de uns dez dias, hoje trago-vos mais uma sugestão cinematográfica. E desta vez viajamos até ao mundo encantado dos contos de fada. Nos últimos anos, têm sido vários os projectos de adaptações dos clássicos contos de fada, e este ano, está claro, não é uma excepção. Eu estou bastante curiosa em relação a este filme, especialmente pelo seu realizador (mas também por algumas das actrizes que participam nele). Apesar de este não ser o primeiro filme que Kenneth Branagh dirige, a verdade é que ainda não tive a oportunidade de ver nenhum dos seus trabalhos, com a excepção de “Thor”.

Cinderella_movie poster
Ella, uma jovem cujo pai comerciante se casa novamente após a trágica morte de sua mãe, acolhe em casa a sua madrasta, Lady Tremaine, e as suas duas filha, Anastasia e Drisella. Tragicamente o seu pai desaparece e Ella fica entregue à sua nova família, ciumenta e cruel, que a trata como uma serva. Mas apesar de tudo, Ella está determinada a honrar as últimas palavras de sua mãe, sendo corajosa e gentil… mas eis que um jovem que conhecera na floresta, por quem se apaixonara, é afinal um príncipe e não um funcionário do palácio, como Ella acreditara. A oportunidade de reencontrar a sua alma gémea surge quando se prepara um baile no palácio para o qual são convocadas todas as jovens donzelas, mas a sua madrasta e irmãs de tudo farão para o impedir…

Realizado por Kenneth Branagh (“Henry V“, “Hamlet“, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets“, “My Week with Marilyn” e “Thor“), “Cinderella” conta com a participação de Lily James (“Downton Abbey“, “Wrath of the Titans“, “Broken” e “Fast Girls“), Richard Madden (“Game of Thrones“, “Complicity“, “Chatroom” e “A Promise“), Cate Blanchett (“Elizabeth“, “The Talented Mr. Ripley“, “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Aviator” e “Blue Jasmine”), Helena Bonham Carter (“Hamlet“, “Big Fish“, “Harry Potter” film series, “Alice in Wonderland” e “The King’s Speech“), Stellan Skarsgård (“Good Will Hunting“, “King Arthur“, “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, “Thor” e “The Avengers“), Derek Jacobi (“In the Night Garden“, “Inside the Third Reich“, “Nanny McPhee“, “The King’s Speech” e “My Week with Marilyn“), Hayley Atwell (“The Pillars of the Earth“, “Agent Carter“, “The Duchess“, “Captain America” film series e “Testament of Youth“), Holliday Granger (“The Borgias“, “Bonnie & Clyde“, “Jane Eyre“, “Anna Karenina” e “The Riot Club“), Sophie McShera (“Downton Abbey“, “The Job Lot“, “Highway to Dhampus” e “Bradford: a City of Dreams“), Nonso Anozie (“Atonement“, “RocknRolla“, “Conan the Barbarian“, “Ender’s Game” e “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit“), Ben Chaplin (“Two Weeks“, “Me and Orson Welles“, “Word Without End” e “The Secrets“), Elouise Webb, entre outros.

Até ao momento, este filme tem recebido boas críticas. Ele tem uma classificação de 82% (com base num total de 114 críticas) no website, rottentomatoes. Este webside apresenta a seguinte descrição: “refreshingly traditional in a revisionist era, Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella‘ proves Disney hasn’t lost any of its old-fashioned magic” E, ainda, David Rooney escreveu que “anyone nostalgic for childhood dreams of transformation will find something to enjoy in an uplifting movie that invests warm sentiment in universe themes of loss and resilience, experience and maturity“.

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Cinderella” estreia hoje (13 Março) nos Estados Unidos da América. A sua estreia, para Portugal, está prevista para o próximo dia 19 de Março.

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