My 2015 in Movies #3

And yes, it is true…  It is time for another film review spree. I never expected to publish two of these posts in such a short time, but since I finished my thesis on time and had a couple of weeks free before the start of my internship, it was the perfect time to catch up with my watch list of films, which is nonetheless still gigantic. Either way, as I’ve realised during this academic year, there’s nothing better than a quiet evening inside watching a film to relax. And besides, if we organise and schedule well our time, there’s always plenty of opportunities to watch films every week. I am really happy that I am having time to watch films, and actually going to the cinema to watch them, which is something I barely did in previous years. But moving on, these are the last 20 films I’ve watched. And embrace yourselves because July is gonna be a month full of cinematographic suggestions.

Movies 2015 (5)
Ted – even though we can say that this film’s plot is somehow predictable, it is actually really funny and entertaining. And I must say that bear is absolutely adorable – the bear as a stuffed animal, not the bear as in his personality. Despite all of this, I still think that there’s something missing in this film; something that would make it even more interesting.

Jurassic Park – I haven’t watched one of these films in ages, which is super weird because I use to be obsessed with this trilogy. But now that there will be a fourth film, there wasn’t a better time to start re-watching the previous ones. For a film that is 22 years old it had some serious visual effects. That’s basically the major highlight of the film. It has some scientific mistakes here and there but apart from that is a great film. This trilogy has basically the same sort of plot in each film but they are all very interesting and well-developed.

Kingsman: the Secret Service: this film is so so much better than I ever thought it would be. It’s the same genre as those of 007 but entirely different actually. The plot is amazing. It revolves around the same principles as any of these films, but it really does look like a modern version of most of those spy films. It has a brilliant cast too. Taron Egerton did an absolutely great job with his character, as Colin Firth and Mark Strong did. However, there is a tiny detail about this film that is not so great – its visual effects. Honestly this department should have been a lot better. They didn’t do a horrible job but considering its 2015, it should have been more flawless. Finally, I must say that this film has an amazing set of British accents, some of the best available so to speak.

The Duff – this film is one of these classic cheesy romantic comedies for teenagers, and while it is something that I’d usually not find that interesting, I absolutely loved this film. It is super cheesy indeed but it is adorable, cute and relatable at the same time, which is what I think makes this such a good film. And besides there’s plenty of comic scenes to make you laugh. I think the cast was well-selected, especially Mae Whitman for the main role.

Love, Rosie – this is actually another cute and lovely romantic comedy, though a tiny bit more dramatic than the precious one. However it actually has some funny parts in it. It is a quite predictable film, which is unfortunate, but its ending is still not that. One thing is for sure, this film has an amazing soundtrack.

Martha Marcy May Marlene – it is not the most conventional story but it is nonetheless very interesting. I found the alteration between present events and flashbacks very well-done; it is definitely one of the best features of this film. However it is a bit slow at the beginning. Regarding the actors performances, Elizabeth Olsen was simply perfect for the main role. One last detail, I hated that the ending was such a huge cliffhanger.

White Bird in a Blizzard – this is a good film even though it is quite slow to build its plot. I feel that the ending is way more interesting that the beginning. I was certainly expecting more from this film. Despite all of this, it is actually a good film. One thing is for sure, it has a hell of an ending scene. It was completely not expected, at least for me. It was a really good plot twist.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park – even though I’d say this film is as entertaining as the first one, I don’t think it is as good as the first. I’m not sure exactly why but it just didn’t have the same impact on me. Maybe it was the plot, maybe it was the character or the actors. All I know is that something was missing. Something that both films have in common is their wonderful visual effects department. I mean there are current films and tv shows with a lot worse visual effects and we’re around 20 years ahead of the time when these two films were made.

Jurassic Park III – this film is better than the previous one. This and the first film are good but I can’t say the same about the second one, even though it is not awful. I really liked the plot in this film and I think I can still say the same about the visual effect as I’ve been saying for the other two films.

Jurassic World – this film is absolutely amazing. Go see it if you haven’t yet. IT’S BLOODY AWESOME! I believe that the first one will always be special but I think this is my new favourite. Being 2015 its visual effects are obviously amazing and perfect, which to be honest makes the film even better than it already is. For once the characters didn’t annoy me and were very interesting, especially in the way they interacted with each other – this time the writers added a but of humour, which must have been one of their best decisions. I loved Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard; they were perfect for their characters. Awwww and Jake Johnson too. And finally, the plot was more than amazing. It obviously has the same spine as the other ones but I think it definitely stands out from the other three. I definitely recommend it. Also, I must say that the 3D version is not worth. It’s good only in like two or three scenes, not worth the money actually.

Movies 2015 (6)
The Wolf of Wall Street – this film is really really good, there’s no doubt of that, but I still think it is missing its wow factor. It has an amazing plot and cast, especially in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio, whose great talent has been greatly disregarded. It has a really good soundtrack, I must add. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a Martin Scorcese film. The only downside of this film was mostly its duration, which was nonetheless necessary for such an elaborate/long plot.

Two Night Stand – this is your super cliché romantic comedy. It really is but it is actually cute and adorable at the same time. This film is nothing special and extraordinary but it is without a doubt entertaining and quite funny.

A Dangerous Method – this is a really really good film, with a really good plot as well and amazing performances from Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley. I would say her performance in the first scenes of this film is absolutely brilliant. I totally recommend this film for those of you who haven’t watched it. However, this film is a bit slow; the development of the plot I mean.

X-Men: the First Class – this is such a good film. I loved every minute of it. I wonder why haven’t I started watching the X-Men films sooner. To be honest, I am becoming a huge fan of comics, or at least they adaptations to the big screen.

X-Men: Days of the Future Past – I absolutely loved the beginning of this film. And this film has a really amazing plot. The more I watch of these films, the more I fall in love with this genre. Seriously this film is absolutely fantastic. Go watch it if you haven’t. Now all I have to do is watch the first films of this series.

Jane Eyre – this is another very interesting and well done film. It has a really good plot and soundtrack too. All the actors did amazing performances and the quality of the film is mainly due to that aspect. However, it takes a bit, probably too long if I my add, for the action to be built.

Shame – it’s not the most conventional subject but it is definitely an interesting film. The musical scene at the beginning was absolutely beautiful, such an amazing performance from Carey Mulligan. We gotta admit that this film is really visual – some parts do look like they’re coming straight from a pornographic film – but it actually has a good and interesting plot. I didn’t have exactly high expectations about this film but it met them nonetheless.

Inception – I believe this is at least the third time I am watching this film and no matter how many times I’ve watches it, I’m still going to be amazed by it all. The plot, the characters, the visual effects, the cinematography, the soundtrack and the actors’ performances, everything was on point in this film. I think the more I watch this film, the more I feel in love with it. It’s without a doubt one of my favourite films from this decade. It is absolutely brilliant and that ending still puzzles me every time I watch this film. And after these five years, I am still wondering how the hell this film wasn’t more praised at the Academy Awards and how on earth didn’t Leonardo DiCaprio win an oscar.

Cinderella – I don’t know how many versions of this Disney story has been made so far, but the more they do, the more these films get cheesier. I think this is the cheesiest of them all. It is a lovely film indeed.

The Maze Runner – I don’t know if it’s the fact that I saw the film right after I finished reading the book, but this gotta be one of the worst movie adaptations that I’ve ever seen. There’s really not even a single detail about this film that actually resembles the actual events on the book. This is literally the most messed up adaptation ever – it is absolutely nothing like the book. I know that no adaptation is ever 100% faithful to the original work, but they aren’t either the exact opposite. It had everything to be a great film but they completely ruined their chances here. I was really looking forward to watch this film but now that I did, I’m not sure if it was worth it at all. This was soooooo disappointing. Not only did each scene have absolutely no connection with the previous and subsequent ones, but those scenes never actually happened like that in the book. And let’s talk about the messed up relationships between each character – they were so so bad portrayed in the film. I’m not saying this in respect to the actor’s perfomances – even though they were nothing out of the ordinary, but in respect to the whole script. It was really bad. Not even Dylan O’Brien could salvage this film.

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think about it?

Blogger Summer Challenge | Favoritos do Mês

Como ditam as regras deste desafio, estes favoritos podem estar enquadrados em diversas categorias, e enquanto eu podia ter decidido falar um pouco de tudo, vou apenas focar-se em música. Vou começar com algumas novidades que este mês trouxe e depois vou acabar este post com mais algumas sugestões. Espero que gostem! *e peço já desculpa pela extensão deste post; demasiado entusiasmo e emoção a escrevê-lo*

Em primeiro lugar, apenas numa perspectiva cronológica, quero apresentar-vos três novas músicas dos Bastille. Para quem não acompanha esta banda, o grupo está neste momento naquilo que se pensam ser os últimos preparativos do seu segundo álbum, cuja data de lançamento ainda está no segredo dos deus. E porque o Dan, o Will, o Kyle e o Woody nunca fazem nada por menos, actualmente em tour pela Europa em festivais de Verão, eis que a banda decidiu apresentar três músicas do seu novo álbum. Deixo-vos assim com “Grip”, “Snakes” e “Hangin”, e com a minha, definitivamente extensa, análise das mesmas.

Honestamente não sei o que é que gosto mais nesta música. A voz do Dan está simplesmente fantástica, especialmente durante o verso inicial. Aliás, durante a música toda diga-se verdade. E quando é que a sua voz não é fantástica? A junção da sua voz com as do Kyle e Charlie (o novo membro da tour) está óptima, e nem falemos no pequeno solo do Will a cantar. Dois momentos pelos quais fiquei fascinada. Mas admito que tenho poucas esperanças que a versão de estúdio inclua a voz do Will assim tão claramente. Mas a esperança é a última a morrer, certo? A letra da música é igualmente muito boa, e adoro o facto de facilmente nos conseguirmos relacionar com as suas palavras. Esta é talvez uma das melhores características desta banda, algo infelizmente não tão comum nos tempos correntes. E por último, a parte instrumental também é fantástica. Muito ao estilo Bastille, ainda que verdade seja dita eles não têm um estilo bem definido, o que no que diz respeito a esta banda é um plus.

Eu sei que me vou repetir nestas análises/descrições, mas a verdade é que basicamente posso comentar o mesmo para as três músicas. A voz do Dan penso que é algo que tão cedo não irá deixar de ser espectacular, embora o som deste vídeo seja um bocadinho pior que o anterior (e a quantidade de gritos desnecessários seja maior). A letra desta música também é muito boa, especialmente o refrão: “If I’m not ready / Life will just eat me whole / If I’m not steady / Maybe I’ll lose control”. É caso para dizer em poucas palavras, “it’s catchy and relatable”. E a parte instrumental também não podia de deixar de ser fantástica e completamente dentro daquilo que os Bastille nos têm habituado nos últimos dois anos.

Um detalhe desta música que eu adoro, mas que no fundo é irrelevante porque eles apenas fazem isto nas suas actuações ao vivo, é a citação no início da música. Não é bem pelo que a pessoa diz, mas sem dúvida pelo seu sotaque. Dos três vídeos este acaba por ter uma menor qualidade que os outros dois, ainda que seja bastante bom, mas na gravação a parte instrumental torna o refrão difícil de entender. Embora esta música seja um bocadinho mais repetitiva do que é costume, na verdade não deixa de ter uma letra muito boa. Esta é sem dúvida a minha parte favorita: “Don’t tell me you’ve never done a thing / That in honesty, you regret / That guilty voice that’s still rings”. A voz do Dan continua a ser fantástica, e a parte instrumental é talvez um dos meus aspectos favoritos em relação a esta música, especialmente aquele solo de guitarra do Will aos 3 minutos.

Em segundo lugar, venho-vos falar do álbum de estreia de Nate Ruess como artista solo. À venda ao público desde o passado dia 16 de Junho, “Grand Romantic” é absolutamente fantástico e perfeito. E não podia ser mais a cara do seu próprio autor. Honestamente, penso que cada segundo deste álbum grita Nate Ruess. Eu já conhecia metade do álbum visto que ele apresentou cerca de seis músicas no seu concerto em Utrecht, ao qual eu fui. Obviamente as versões de estúdio são sempre muito boas, mas não há nada melhor mesmo que as suas actuações ao vivo O Nate Ruess está mesmo de parabéns com este álbum. Até ao momento, penso que as minhas músicas favoritas são: “AhHa” e “Great Big Storm”, mas na realidade elas são todas espectaculares. Gostava também de destacar a música de introdução, “Grand Romantic (Intro)”, que me faz sempre automaticamente lembrar dos Queen. Fiquei simplesmente apaixonada por estes 43 segundos. E deixo-vos em baixo o álbum inteiro.

Wait! There’s more to be seen!

Going back to my third home country

Portugal will always be my first country because I was born and raised there and because all my family (well the closest relatives) is there. I wouldn’t exactly call it home but it definitely is my first country for sure. Then the United Kingdom comes as my second country because from all the countries I’ve been to (not that many yet, unfortunately), it is the most welcoming of them all. Something I wasn’t quite expecting the first time I visited it, but it is definitely the best thing about this country. And then in third place we have France. Although I still have tiny problems with it, it is actually the country that I know best. I’ve been there six times already and this year it will be the seventh.

The post that I published four days ago was just a tiny preview of this one. Since I started my bachelor four years ago, I have been calling my weeks in archaeological excavations as internships. It would have been more accurate if I had called it fieldwork but I thought it was a more understandable term. However, this time I can indeed call it internship because that’s what this year’s excavation is going to serve for me. As part of my Master degree, we have to do an internship of three weeks, which can be done either in a lab, at a museum or in an excavation. I have chosen the last one and that’s why I am going to France. It’s no news because I’ve been to an excavation in France before (two years ago), but it’s still different because it will be at another site with a totally different team. Let’s see how this works out in the end.

But before I get started with my internship, I am going to spend a few of days in Paris with my parents. I haven’t been to Paris since I was 11 years old and that’s exactly the time that has passed since then. Even though it was ages ago, this city is also no news to me but I’m pretty sure it has changed a lot during all these years. Before I knew when this internship was going to happen, I considered doing a tiny inter-rail trip across Germany and Austria, in order to take advantage of the fact that I was living in the Netherlands, but since the internship lasts the whole month of July and I’ve barely just finished my degree, there was really never time to do such trip. So I couldn’t be more excited to go to Paris for a few days.

Lastly, concerning that last picture. No, I’m not going in any kind of trip, even though I would totally not mind it at all. That picture actually meant that I need to get my driver’s license. Taking your diver’s licence at 18 is the most cliché thing of it all (not judging anyone though) and I really didn’t needed it back then, so I never bothered. But now, four years later (jesus, it’s been that long?) I really really need it, so it’s time to go and learn how to drive. And that’s exactly how I’m hopefully gonna spend the end of my Summer.

At the time that this post is being published, I am already in France. Yesterday were my last 24h in the Netherlands. It wasn’t the best experience, or at least the one that I was hoping for, but it will be missed for sure. As you could have guessed by this post, I will be pretty much occupied during this Summer, at least during the month of July, which is when I’ll be doing my internship. However, I prepared a bunch of post to keep the blog updated. They’re all scheduled so I won’t be leaving this blog to the wolves. I am not sure if I’ll have much time to come here during my internship, but I will try to do my best. I hope you all have a great Summer!

Stéphane Rolland @ Couture Spring 2015

E hoje voltamos mais uma vez ao mundo da moda. Com o começo do Verão chegam os últimos posts desta rubrica, no que diz respeito às tendências para as estações de Primavera/Verão. E sem mais demoradas, hoje é tempo de vos apresentar a nova colecção de alta costura de Primavera de Stéphane Rolland.

Stéphane Rolland é uma casa de moda de alta costura francesa, criada pelo próprio Stéphane Rolland. 2007 marca o início desta casa de moda, ano este em que a primeira colecção foi apresentada ao público. Esta casa de moda abriu a sua primeira boutique em Abu Dhabi, em Maio de 2013.

And today we’re once again back in the world of fashion. With the start of Summer the last posts of this rubric have arrived, at least in what concerns the trends for this Spring and Summer seasons. And without further ado, today I present you guys the new Stéphane Rolland’s Spring haute couture collection.

Stéphane Rolland is a French haute couture fashion house created by Stéphane Rolland himself. 2007 marks the beginning of this fashion house, the year in which the first collection was presented to the public. This fashion house opened its first boutique in Abu Dhabi, in May 2013.

Stéphane Rolland Spring Couture 2015 (1) Stéphane Rolland Spring Couture 2015 (2)
While the last collection focused on pastel colours, this one is deeply focused on neutral colours, which only means black and white, with a dash of silver and bronze in the mixture. The highlight of this collection, which is actually the feature that makes it stand out in the crowd, is the variety of shapes that each dress and jumpsuit have. For me, that’s definitely the best characteristic of this collection and what makes it so unique. The three examples in bronze are my absolute favourites, especially the first one (picture 4) that is beyond beautiful. It is absolutely perfect and I must say I am in love with that dress.

Enquanto que a última colecção se focava em tons pastel, esta foca-se profundamente em cores neutras, o que quer dizer, no preto e branco, com um bocado de prata e bronze à mistura. O principal destaque desta colecção, que é por acaso a característica que a faz destacar no meio da multidão, é mesmo a variedade de formas que cada vestido e macacão tem. Para mim, esta é sem dúvida a melhor característica desta colecção e o que a torna tão única. Os três modelos em bronze são os meus favoritos, especialmente o primeiro (imagem 4) que é para além de lindo. Ele é absolutamente perfeito, e deu-vos dizer que estou apaixonada por esse vestido.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?

Blogger Summer Challenge | O Teu Verão

Eu sei que o objectivo do desafio de hoje é mostrarmos o nosso Verão, mas tendo em conta que a estação propriamente dita só começou há três dias atrás, não tenho grande coisa para vos mostrar. Penso que fazer malas e ver séries não tem muito interesse. Por isso, em vez de mostrar o que tem sido o meu Verão (que vamos ser sinceros ainda agora começou), vou mostrar-vos o que irá ser o meu Verão.

Como irei falar mais sobre este assunto, com mais pormenor, daqui a uns dias num outro post, deixo-vos aqui apenas com um preview (em formato de fotografia) do que irá ser o meu Verão.

my summer
E como o título dá a entender, este post encontra-se enquadrado no Blogger Summer Challenge, criado pelos autores de “Brisa Passageira” e “Beijos Nem Vê-los”.

Blogger Summer Challenge | 1º Encontro Perfeito

dateUmmmmmm… Penso que este é um assunto sobre o qual nunca pensei muito. Tendo em conta que nunca tive nenhum (lindo lindo pormenor da minha vida amorosa), não faço a mais pequena ideia do que é que realmente resulta comigo ou não.

Mas uma coisa é certa, neste preciso momento, ou uma ida a um concerto dos Imagine Dragons ou Bastille, ou uma ida a um jogo de futebol que envolva uma destas selecções (Alemanha, Países Baixos, Inglaterra) ou equipas (Chelsea FC, FC Bayern Munich), colocaria a outra pessoa sem dúvida nas minhas boas graças. No entanto, tenho pena de quem fosse o rapaz, porque era garantido que ele teria de competir e bem pela minha total atenção nestes dois cenários. E algo me diz que era bem capaz de perder a competição nessas duas horas.

Agora a sério, e numa perspectiva mais realista para esta questão, algo simples bastaria comigo. Confusões não é de todo comigo – embora abra sempre excepções para concertos -, odeio ser o centro das atenções, por isso estes seriam mesmo dois aspectos a evitar a todo o custo. Teria de ser mesmo algo simples, em que desse para manter uma boa conversa, de modo a que nos conhecêssemos melhor. Eu sou péssima com estas coisas por isso não consigo pensar num cenário mais específico, para além daquele que está descrito na imagem. Uhhhhh maybe I can. Um passeio a dois em Sintra seria na realidade uma excelente ideia. Sem dúvida um dos meus lugares favoritos.

E como o título dá a entender, este post encontra-se enquadrado no Blogger Summer Challenge, criado pelos autores de “Brisa Passageira” e “Beijos Nem Vê-los”.

Georges Hobeika @ Couture Spring 2015

Depois de quase um mês de ausência, esta rubrica sobre moda está mais uma vez de volta. E depois de passar semanas e semanas a apresentar colecções de pronto-a-vestir, agora é a vez de vos apresentar algumas colecções de alta costura, numa tentativa de diversificar esta rubrica. Por isso, hoje é a vez de vos mostrar a nova colecção de alta costura de Primavera de Georges Hobeika.

Georges Hobeika é uma casa de moda de alta costura libanesa, fundada em 1995 pelo próprio Georges Hobeika. Esta casa de moda tem quatro linhas de roupa diferentes, tanto no grupo de pronto-a-vestir como no grupo de alta costura: Georges Hobeika Couture, Georges Hobeika Bridal, Georges Hobeika Signature e GH by Georges Hobeika. Ele já vestiu dezenas de celebridades, incluindo Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard e Elle Fanning.

Almost a month latter, I am back with this fashion rubric again. After spending weeks presenting ready-to-wear collections, now it’s time to present some haute couture collection, in an attempt to diversify this rubric. Today I present you guys the new Georges Hobeika’s Spring haute couture collection.

Georges Hobeika is a Lebanese haute couture fashion house created in 1995 by Georges Hobeika himself. This fashion house has four different lines of clothing, either in the haute couture or ready-to-wear groups: Georges Hobeika Couture, Georges Hobeika Bridal, Georges Hobeika Signature and GH by Georges Hobeika. He has dressed dozens of celebrities, such as Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard and Elle Fanning.

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring 2015 (1) Georges Hobeika Couture Spring 2015 (2)
This is the first time I am looking at a collection from Georges Hobeika and I couldn’t be more pleased with I am seeing because all these dresses are beyond beautiful. Without a doubt, its main focus is on pastel colours (blue, yellow and pink/purple), with a slight addition of white, gold and silver. These dresses also show other trends: transparency, laced details, patterns and glitter. They are all so gorgeous, elegant and feminine. I absolutely love every piece of clothing of this collection. I’ll have to say that my favourite is the last one, which by the way isn’t a dress but a jumpsuit. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Esta é a primeira vez que estou a olhar para um colecção do Georges Hobeika e não podia estar mais satisfeita com o que estou a ver, porque todos estes vestidos são para lá de lindos. Sem qualquer dúvidas, o mais destaque desta colecção recai no uso de cores pastel (azul, amarelo e rosa/lilás), com uma pequena adição de brancos, dourados e prateados. Estes vestidos também nos indicam outras tendências: transparência, rendilhado, padrões e brilhantes. Todos estes vestidos são lindíssimos, super elegantes e muito femininos. Eu adoro cada uma destas peças. Eu tenho de dizer que a minha favorita é a última, que por acaso não é um vestido mas sim um macacão. Ele é absolutamente lindíssimo.

O que acham desta colecção? Quais são os vossos conjuntos favoritos? | What do you think of this collection? Which outfits are your favourites?