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I am really amazed by the stuff that we can find on tumblr. For me, I think that there’s so many things wrong with the post (in the picture above). I seriously don’t get the obsession that some girls  (not just teenagers, though) have with being WAGs. FYI, WAGs is an acronym used to refer to wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen. I seriously don’t get it.

In a way, even though not definite, I would say that footballers are kinda of a turn-off for me. It’s not exactly them, but mostly their profession and what being a WAG means. It is rare when a football player spends his entire career in the same team, so you would eventually have to constantly change cities (or countries, or even continent) along with him. Unless you worked as a freelancer, in no way you would be able to keep your job, without actually living apart from him. And let’s face it, most of the WAGs that we know of don’t a have a proper job, except for being some sportsmen’s girlfriend or wife.

Honestly, that post makes me feel really sad for whoever wrote that. It would be such a waste of potential, for whatever she studied. And that last sentence makes it would like she lacks some self-respect, which is so bad. I don’t know… I’m not sure if I was able to properly explain myself, but I wouldn’t feel totally okay in a situation like that, especially because I’d hate myself for living at someone else’s expense. There are exceptions of course, I am not forgetting that, but I like myself too much to just be a simple accessory.

However, I have to contradict myself because there is actually an exception to all of this. For many reasons, that I am not going to enumerate here, that exception would be Juan Mata (x).

*I apologise for this super random and vain post*

5 thoughts on “Random | WAGs

  1. hibiscus says:

    Para mim não dava mas há muitas pessoas sem grandes objetivos, que só querem é uma boa vida. Muitas delas vivem na sombra deles, tal como disseste estão sempre a mudar de cidades e países. Sinceramente a minha grande preocupação era encontrar alguém que me fizesse feliz e não alguém de determinada profissão, neste caso jogador.


  2. Isabela says:

    Eu espero que isto seja uma brincadeira, senão esta pessoa ainda vai acabar frustrada…vamos supor que ela nunca arranje um homem rico? Até tenho pena!
    Eu também adoro os Minions. Eu e o meu namorado demos-lhe um peluche dos Minions e um DVD com vários filmes deles e ela delirou! Beijinhos.


  3. Caxaxanna says:

    Acho que este tipo de WAGS tem de ser levados na ironia no minimo! Eu pessoalmente levo sempre pela ironia, pois se estiverem a falar assério..oh lord!


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