Music review | Bastille’s Wild World

bastilleThree years and one hundred and eighty-nine days later we’ve got ourselves a new album. Bastille’s second studio album was released yesterday (9th March) and it titled as “Wild World”. Before starting to write anything else, first things first, let’s just thank the gods for that – and by gods I mean Dan, Kyle, Will and Woody, because they’re really music gods. I’m sorry if this is gonna sound too mean but we gotta admit it’s the bloody truth for most cases, usually good music works take years and years to make; and it’s not like they’ve been sitting on their asses doing nothing all this time. My totally biased opinion aside, I believe they’ve been doing such a great job since “All This Bad Blood”. They’ve released four smaller-albums – one mixtape and three EPs – and sung several unreleased songs. It’s been quite the wait but I believe they’ve certainly made it worth it. And the way they promoted their new album, we couldn’t have been more spoiled than this.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what my favourite part from this album is. Is it Dan’s falsettos? Is it Dan’s voice in general? Is it the backing vocals? Is it the brilliantly orchestrated instrumental part of each song? Is it the lyrics? Is it the introductory citations? Is it the presence of different music genres in just a single album – much to OPH style? Is it their new ballads? Is it their weird, quirky music videos? Is it the freedom in the production of this album? There’s just too many positive aspects about this album. Can we also talk about the guitars and the basses? Even though we already knew around eight songs – from nineteen in total -, this album was definitely a blessing, such a wonderful gift to us fans.

*not gonna put here the “cleaner” version just because people can’t see boobs and not get aroused, like for fuck sake, we all have them, just fucking control yourselves

I am super inclined to say my favourite songs so far are exactly those eight we had already heard – “Good Grief”, “The Currents”, “Two Evils”, “Send Them Off!”, “Blame”, “Fake It”, “Snakes”, and “Campus” -, but damn “An Act of Kindness” is just one of the most beautiful things I have listened to lately. Either way, “Good Grief” does have one of my favourite lyrics from this album, and “Fake It” , “Blame”, “Snakes” and “Send Them Off!” have some of the best beats/instrumental parts of this album. The lyrics of “Lethargy” were quite interesting to listen too. And in terms of vocals, “Two Evils” will win any battle ever. And I gotta say that “War Beyond” is kinda up-beat in its own way, I love it. Guess I just found the perfect album to accompany me on the upcoming academic year.

This didn’t turn out into a very “professional” review, but what can I do, I really cannot be biased when it comes to Bastille. It was definitely one of the best discoveries I made in 2013/2014. I have always been severely inclined to artists in the alternative/indie niche, since my early teenage years, so I couldn’t have found a better fit then them. I honestly haven’t listened to much R&B, electronic, pop and so on since I was a teenager, and it’s all thanks to Bastille that I’ve been sort of re-discovering this music genres now. They must have ears of genius – or they’re really gods – because their mixtapes are seriously the best thing I’ve listened to of this kind. And their remixes are works of genius too – I’m sorry but adding a DJ vibe to a song doesn’t make up for a good remix, it’s just a bloody normal song with a disco beat.

Don’t to be too pretentious or anything like that, but I just love that they’re not mainstream at all. I have literally stopped listening to some artists because they’re really not innovating at all, and their lyrics are so vague and soulless. With the due credit to other artist that I listen and have listened before,  Bastille does have some of the best lyrics I’ve seen in the last couple of years; kinda just like those films where you can truly identify with the characters portrayed, here you just identify yourself with Dan’s words and thoughts. In this respect, I do am a little sad that one of my favourite unreleased songs from them – “Grip” – was not included on this album. I couldn’t recommend more “Wild World” to everyone.


7 thoughts on “Music review | Bastille’s Wild World

  1. Miguel says:

    Já eu, sendo um entusiasta nato pelo regresso às aulas, mudava sempre alguma coisa no quarto e no escritório de forma a tornar o espaço mais meu e mais acessível quando as aulas começassem.
    Também nunca me distraiu ter as tecnologias comigo porque sempre soube gerir o tempo. Já em relação ao facto de na universidade ser tudo digital, sou um pouco contra na medida em que, para estudar, prefiro ter tudo impresso para poder escrever, sublinhar e assim 😀

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  2. Sofia Sousa says:

    Amanhã, tenho de me dedicar a ouvir o álbum. ☺ Gosto bastante de Bastille. Mas ando tão a leste do mundo da música, que não fazia ideia de que havia novo álbum. Obrigada pelo “aviso”. ^^


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