Food for Thought | Walk of Shame

281Isn’t it wonderful how a guy can have multiple night stands and people won’t say a thing about it, but when it’s a girl we’re automatically called sluts? How wonderful is that, huh? And let’s not forget that a guy who has several partners in several (or few) years is called a stud or a real man, but oh my, if it’s a woman having multiple partners in several years, we’re back again to the slut-shamming call-outs. If you’re a virgin, you’re a freaking prude; but if you’ve had sex before, then you’re a fucking slut. The reasoning behind these statements is just wonderful. No matter how much I know that this is reality, society’s double standards will always amaze me.

But getting back to the walk of shame, why the fuck does something like this exist? What is there of non-natural in having sex with another person? Why have we villainised such a natural behaviour between humans? I know we’re one of the few animals – bonobos are just like us, glad that our cousins understand us perfectly – that does it just for pure pleasure, besides reproduction obviously, but c’mon people, what the fuck is so wrong with having sex with another person? Someone do help me because I’m feeling completely clueless here. Actually, someone do explain me what’s wrong in going to someone’s house late in the evening – or late in the nigh, or even early in the freaking morning, who gives a shit really – and have consensual sex with that person, and then return safe and sound to their homes? Am I missing a detail here? Speaking of consensual activities here, what there is to be ashamed of having had sex? If you – yes, you men – love it so much, why is it so hard to understand that woman can singly enjoy it too? Oh shit, upsss, I totally forgot it, my bad, we can’t have something for ourselves unless it has been given from your highnesses.

Seriously, fuck this society and its misogynistic ideals.


3 thoughts on “Food for Thought | Walk of Shame

  1. Florencia says:

    Ive always thought of the expression “walk of shame” as a funny one, meaning “shame” as in “im wearing my last night dress, my make up is all screwed and my hair is all messy”, like everyone can tell i didnt get home from last night party yet. Like, “shame” as you would say to a friend, tesing her about it, just having a good laugh.


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