Food for thought | On the wake of the British EU referendum 2.0

217Back at it again – sorry not sorry – but there’s too much to say about this shitty situation. At this moment, with all the aftermath thoughts that are getting published on the internet, I don’t know which one is sadder: people saying they regret having voted for Brexit, people saying they thought not that many people would vote for Brexit so their votes wouldn’t matter, people saying they had no idea what they were doing, people saying that they hope having voted for Brexit won’t make it worse… LIKE WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE. IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHAT YOU WERE DOING, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU VOTE FOR IT? HOW ABOUT HAVING ASKED FOR MORE DATA BEFORE YOU MADE A DECISION? This reminds me of the French people a few years ago when they elected François Hollande. I mean if you know how a piece of shit he is, why did you vote for him in the first place? If he’s not trustworthy, why did you vote for him anyway? And the same applies here… If you feel like you don’t have all the pieces of a puzzle to make up your mind about something, why don’t you try to find those missing pieces? Why do something reckless, especially when it can have such a devastating result? WHY NOT THINK FIRST AND THEN ACT? IS THIS A CONCEPT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

And then to make things worse, we start seeing how ridiculous the Brexit campaign was. LIKE CAN YOU GUYS AT LEAST DO MATH? OR CAN YOU GUYS READ? Like dudes those were not the numbers that were on the EU reports. Obviously they all knew what they were doing. They literally lied to millions of people and for what? To get their Empire back? Like guys c’mon those times are long past all of us. We live in a world too globalised now for that to ever happen again; though clearly not everyone on this Earth has understood that.

After Angela Merkel’s speech about this referendum, I’m just hoping someone will take the hints – c’mon how more obvious could she have been? – and have the balls to stop this stupid motion from going any further. Let’s take the fact that this was just a merely opinion-seeking referendum and make this shit go away. Like guys this ain’t gonna help anybody, so let’s get rid of it.



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