Food for thought | On the wake of the British EU referendum*

94*I know this is an immigrant perspective but either way I’m definitely not gonna shut up

A couple of unpopular opinions first. Not only David Cameron should be blamed for this shocking outcome, since he was the coward, gritty bastard who had this idea in the first place – the one time it would be right to actually not do what was promised during election campaigns, he just had to be true to his words; fuck you – but Jeremy Corbyn should also be blamed for this outcome, considering this piece of shit only decided to raise his voice in favour of Bremain a couple of days before the voting – why didn’t you fucking say something sooner to help your side? Why did they have to sack Ed Miliband?.

Second unpopular opinion. As I’ve seen a few times on the internet, people over 65 shouldn’t be able to vote. And it makes total sense. It’s not their fucking future that’s on the line. They’re freaking retired, for fuck’s sake. They will definitely be less affected by this than any of their younger generations. And let’s see. If people under 18 aren’t yet mentally ready to vote, people over 65 aren’t mentally capable of doing so anymore. It’s so unfair how millions of young people just got their future ruined because a bunch of elderly people still think we’re in the bloody WWII. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO REPEAT PAST MISTAKES, FOLKS!

185Now to the actual theme of this post… And to think this was all enabled because of an irrational fear of immigrants. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF? Them taking your jobs? As if that was actually the reality. In order for that to happen, you would have to want to do those jobs yourselves in the first place. How many balls do politics and other people need to admit – as socially bad as this is – that immigrants (and here I’m referring to those who unfortunately don’t have qualifications, i.e. at least a bachelor degree) do the jobs that the nationals don’t want to? If the nationals themselves aren’t working on those jobs, how are immigrants taking them away from them? And even the jobs where more qualifications are required aren’t being taken away from them either. Also, how hard is it to understand that these jobs are placed within such a global job market that they don’t belong to anyone in particular? They’re basically there for the taking of anyone qualifyied for them. But deep down we all know that the underlining problem is that they’re pissing themselves because of the refugee crisis, and the fact that they don’t want to share the burden – yeah I know it’s not the best word but with the way they’re treating this issue, it’s quite the appropriate word because it ain’t working for any of the sides – with the rest of the Union.





3 thoughts on “Food for thought | On the wake of the British EU referendum*

  1. alexis says:

    Concordo com tudo aquilo que disseste. saírem da EU foi a maior estupidez que fizeram perderam o livre transito de mercadorias e de pessoas, os estudantes deixam de poder ir para outros países (ou pelo menos com a mesma facilidade) e os maiores prejudicados são os imigrantes e os mais jovens que são os que vão ter de conviver com esta decisão mais tempo. Até mesmo entre eles esta decisão vai geral um grandes descontentamento como já está a acontecer com a Escócia e a Irlanda do Norte, mas pronto agora só mesmo no futuro vamos realmente perceber o que eles vão fazer para contornar estas situações e quais são as consequências para o resto do mundo…


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