Random | This is a freaking nightmare

229After a tremendously stupid and coward decision from David Cameron, the worst outcome ever just become a reality. If this isn’t leaving in a freaking nightmare, I don’t know what it is.

I don’t think a referendum or any other kind of voting process has ever had me this scared. The past 24h were probably the most stressful ones in the past few months. I wasn’t even this stressed during my exams. Putting aside my selfish reasons, this was such a stupid idea; a really dangerous decision really. This is not a Friday 13th but it sure feels like it.

So now that they will leave the EU, my future just went down the drain, which is just great. Like really congratulations guys. I wonder how your 2.2 millions immigrants are gonna feel when they are left with no support. David Cameron you fucking twat bastard.



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