Random | violence in relationships

213report on TV about violence in relationships, especially amongst teenagers

The reporter asked one of the girls how would she react if her boyfriend went out for a coffee with a female friend. She answered that she wouldn’t know ’cause nothing like that had ever happened, but when asked again if it eventually would to happen in the future, she seemed displeased with the idea. And let’s highlight the fact that the boy, when asked the same question but about his girlfriend and a male friend of hers, gave an answer with some sort of violence (either verbal or physical) disguised in it.

BOTH STATEMENTS ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG, MESSED UP AND TERRIFYING. The problem is not only in the boy’s answer because please violence is never the answer, for anything really, especially when it’s a form of retaliation – but that’s a whole different matter. The problem is also in the assumption that boys and girls  can’t be friends without some kind of sexual tension between them. If people for once understood that two people, from different genres, can be friends, I bet most of the arguments and fights wouldn’t even start in the first place. We gotta distinguish what’s being friendly from what’s being flirtatious.

Honestly I don’t know what’s wrong with today’s society. It’s the bloody 21st century. Shouldn’t we have already evolved socially somehow? Here’s to hoping that the next generation of parents will educate better their kids.

*honestly I didn’t realise what day was today, so I guess I couldn’t have scheduled better this post*


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