My 2015 in Movies #4

I guess this turned out to be some kind of tradition around here lately. This is my last compilation of films watched in 2015. I must say this was a pretty fantastic cinematographic year for me. I don’t think I’ve ever since these many films in a year alone. I guess it helped having multiple movie sessions with friends while I was living away, for my Masters. And I must admit that I watched more than half of the films in this list in a month – Summer break was great for it actually. 2015 brought me a total of 80 films (plus half of other ones but those don’t really count here). I won’t be this lucky this year, mostly due to lack of time and opportunity. But yeah let’s see how many films I can watch in 2016.

Movies 2015 (7)Blackhat – I didn’t have high expectations about this film, or any expectations at all for that matter, but in the end I did expect more from it. It’s an entertaining film for sure but it could have been better. The plot is interesting and it has a couple of good characters, but it looses a lot of points in what concerns one of the female characters. She had a lot of potential but she’s just another example of how female characters are only used as the sexual partner of the main male character. This female character ended up by being quite annoying actually.

Black Sea – having Jude Law as part of a film’s cast is already a good reason for me to like that certain film, but this is definitely a great film by its own merit. It is absolutely brilliant. I think thriller is becoming more and more one of my favourite genres of all time. I love the plot of this film and even though the ending may have been a tiny bit predictable, I really did like it. Also, I believe that the actors’ performances were fantastic. I really really recommend this film.

Woman in Gold – I absolutely loved this film. It is really amazing and great. And really emotional too, even though I cannot relate to it at all. I think the film is brilliant and that it was well produced. The soundtrack is just amazing and I believe they have just the right actors for each one of the characters. I think Helen Mirren was perfect for the main role, and I’m more and more in love with Daniel Brühl; I think he’s a great actor. This is definitely a film that I recommend.

Jupiter Ascending – this film is far more entertaining than what I was expecting. And I can say the same about its interest and quality, even though it is nothing extraordinary or particularly brilliant. However, it is indeed a really good science fiction film, with what I can say it the usual cliché relationship between the “prince” and the “dame in distress”. I think the visual effects are good, as well as the soundtrack. But what I though was absolutely the best about this film was Eddie Redmayne‘s performance – this man is a brilliant and amazing actor for sure.

Mortdecai – I wasn’t expecting much from this film considering its reviews but it still disappointed me. It has a really great cast and all but it didn’t make much of a different. I suppose all the idiotic lines and scenes were meant to deliver a funny film but it wasn’t that funny. It is a bit entertaining though.

The Normal Heart – this is a very good film; more than I was expecting to be honest, not that it had really bad reviews though. The film has some really good performances and a pretty god damn cast. It really is worth it of your time.

While We’re Young – this is a really interesting but I don’t see its categorisation as a comedic drama. Drama fits it perfectly but not necessarily the comedy; it is funny but only sometimes to be honest. I was expecting it to be more funny and not as serious as it is. However, the seriousness of the film is really interesting.

The Judge – this is really a great film. I loved it. It has a very interesting and well-developed plot and really good performances from its main actors. Robert Downey Jr. did a wonderful performance in this film. However, the visual effects area needed more attention: we can notice the use of a green screen in some of the outdoor scenes.

Fury – I didn’t have specifically high expectations about this film, even though I knew it had good reviews, but the truth is that it is better than what I was expecting. War films exist by the dozens but this is somewhat an exception. I like the way it portrayed the WWII and the whole fighting aspect, and the morals and ethics surrounding it. It’s definitely a really good film. And I also liked Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman‘s performances. Well the cast in general was well-chosen actually. The visual and audio effects are particularly amazing. That’s definitely a plus. So despite the fact that this film was obviously romanticised (as they usually are), it is really good and I definitely recommend it.

Exodus: Gods and Kings – this is a good film. Even though I cannot comment on the historic aspect of this film, which I personally think is difficult to prove every single detail (but that’s another matter of discussion), this is actually a good film. Entertaining and well acted. It is somewhat romanticised though, and some scenes seem a bit far-fetched  too. Also, the film could use better visual effects in some scenes. But in general it is a good film.

Movies 2015 (8)Nightcrawler – this film is absolutely great and amazing. One of the best I’ve seen so far this year. It has an absolutely perfect plot that is super interesting. I think that the best feature of it is how much it makes us think about how the media as journalism actually work. Jake Gyllenhaal was absolutely perfect in his performance – such an amazing choice for that character. I highly recommend this film.

Paddington – this is such a cute, adorable, funny and great film. And also quite perfect for a flight, which was the situation in which I watched this film. The story is somewhat cliché and predictable but it didn’t really bother me as it does in other films. I think the funny parts kinda attenuated the fact that it was a bit predictable. This is obviously a great film for children but also a good option for a family movie night.

Fantastic Four – I don’t get why were the critics so harsh on this film because I genuinely liked it. It is less action-packed than the other superhero films made by the MARVEL studios and maybe that’s something that people were looking for in it but I don’t think this absence qualifies as something negative. From what the critics said this film turned out to be much better than I was expecting. I liked the plot, the actors’ performances, the visual and sound effects. I genuinely think this is a really good film.

What’s Your Number – this film is super cliché and predictable as pretty much any other romantic comedy, but quite nice actually. However this film is funny, cute and entertaining. It’s not a film that I’d watch a second time but Chris Evans definitely makes this choice much easier.

The Age of Adaline – this is such a good film. It’s a bit cliché and predictable in some scenes but it is indeed a really good film. Even though it has received good critics, I wasn’t actually expecting to like this film so much. It is a great romantic fantasy. And I also loved Blake Lively‘s performance; I think it was really good.

Django Unchained – this is a really good film, well within the cinematic style that Tarantino has presented us in the last few years. You can expect fight scenes, lots and lots of shots fired and an even bigger amount of blood. For those of us who like his genre of films, this one will not disappoint you. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz were amazing in this film. One of the details that I really liked about this film was its soundtrack – absolutely well done.

Spectre – I’m an avid fan of action films, especially the 007 film series, which means I’m pretty biased about any of these films. However, I think this is a really good film. It is the classic 007 films: lots of action, destruction, expensive cars and homes and clothes, and lots of women-action for James Bond. Even though some lines of action are a bit of a cliché, I really enjoyed watching this film. I think Andrew Scott and Christoph Waltz were really well-chosen for their roles. I’m probably being really biased again but I think they’re really good actors, especially Christoph Waltz. He always does an amazing job with his characters.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 – generally-speaking, this was a good adaptation of the books. I must admit that I’m really glad that they changed the director after the first film because the current one has been doing a really good job: something must have been done because these films are better adapted than the first one. Even though I can’t remember half of the last book, I still can say that this film was a good adaptation; obviously not perfect because there isn’t a really perfect adaptation, but this is one of the best I’ve seen. There were some really amazing performances in this film, especially from Jennifer Lawrencethat’s what I call crying – and Josh Hutcherson. In regard to the more technical parts, I don’t think there’s much to say ’cause it was as good as it has always been: really good visual and sons effects, and an equally good soundtrack. Something negative not but not related with the film: 3D is completely useless – the more films I watch in it, the less I like it: there’s always a very short amount of scenes especially produced for 3D; and even though this looks good on them, 3D sort of makes the other scenes look blurry.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – it’s Harry Potter what else can be said? It’s an obviously good film. I like the fact that it is quite light sometimes, especially when compared with the next two films. I’m sure it has flaws compared with the book but since I never read, I will not go down that road. I think it was a well done film.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: the Peanuts Movie – no matter if we’re children or adults, I believe this is a film for all ages. It is adorable, sweet and funny, all that we could expect from of a film of this genre. I really liked this film and I would see it countless times. And this film has a great plus, considering that behind the whole plot there’s a moral to it: we should believe in ourselves and our capabilities.

Have you seen any of these films? What did you think about it?


4 thoughts on “My 2015 in Movies #4

  1. Daniela Monteiro says:

    Acho que nunca vi tão poucos filmes como em 2015, trabalhar é lixado 😦 Desses vi tão poucos…
    Ando agora ansiosa que saiam as nomeações para os oscars para me consolar, durante um mês ou dois vou ficar muito caseirinha!
    Desejo-te um excelente ano 🙂


  2. Miguel says:

    Ora essa, não tens mesmo nada de agradecer. Tudo o que digo é de coração e é bem sentido. Não sou de fazer fretes 😛
    Temos imensa coisa em comum e o facto de teres terminado o mestrado neste ano que passou é uma delas. Sim, a falta de confiança é um dos pontos que também temos em comum e que precisamos, a todo o custo, mudar isso. Acaba por ser limitador em algumas situações… 😦

    Sou tão desleixado nisto dos filmes… Acreditas que não vi nenhum? o.O


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