Mini-Holiday | Paris #5

This will be my last post about the mini-trip I did to Paris back in July. This post doesn’t have a particular theme. It is mostly just random photographs I took while I was there. This time we decided to wander more around the city, which wasn’t that great of an idea because of the heat wave. Either way, it was a good chance to stroll down a few of the fashion high-end streets: Rue Saint-Honoré and Rue du Faubourd Saint-Honoré. I tried to take a few photographs of the fashion houses’ window displays but it was absolutely impossible. The only ones that managed to be somewhat okay are the ones below. I really wish I had more photographs because those window displays were absolutely amazing, original and gorgeous. And I can say the same about the stores’ buildings.

All of these photographs were edited using the programme ‘pixelmator’.

Paris 55 Paris 54 Paris 56 Paris 57 Paris 58

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