Mini-Holiday | Paris #3

And in the meantime, I’ve also totally forgotten about this post (and others) that I had in my drafts folder. These are still photographs from my three-day trip to Paris back in July this year. In order to not publish all my 50+ photographs in just a single post, I’ve been publishing tiny groups of photographs at a time, creating somewhat different themes with them. You can check my other posts here and here.

So today’s theme is Paris in general. I have already present a post featuring the Parisian architecture, so I guess this is a sort of continuation, considering most of these photographs consist of buildings (historic, religious and civic ones). All of these photographs are of different parts of the city, and they were taken from the Notre-Dame Cathedral. In this way, this is exactly the view that you have from the cathedral – unfortunately too touristic these days, as pretty much everything else in the major cities of Europe.

This time we decided to stay in a rented apartment. In some cases it can be a lot cheaper than staying at hotels, and having access to a proper kitchen makes it easier for you to control what you eat and how much money you spend, if you’re on a tight budget. I don’t think the building where we stayed is in any of these pictures (especially in the last two because they’re more zoomed in), but I can tell you guys that the building is very similar to the ones you can see in the 10th photograph.

These photographs were edited using the programme ‘pixelmator’.

Paris 32 Paris 33 Paris 34 Paris 35 Paris 36 Paris 37 Paris 38 Paris 39 Paris 40 Paris 41 Paris 42


8 thoughts on “Mini-Holiday | Paris #3

  1. Cátia Reis says:

    Olá querida! Leva-me contigo para Paris, sou uma inquilino excelente! 😉
    R.: obrigada pelo elogio! Felizmente nunca tive uma Cunha para nada e lutei sempre pelos meus sonhos – e continuo a lutar… até hoje tenho tido sucesso e orgulho em mim, vamos a ver…


  2. Miguel says:

    Muito obrigado 😛 Conheço muita gente como tu a abominar tapetes. Eu até lhes acho uma certa piada porque acabam por conferir uma maior dinâmica ao espaço 😛

    Invejo-te a mil porcento!! Ahahah É inveja branca, claro está.
    Sonho ir a Paris desde pequenino. As viagens são baratinhas mas pelo que sei a vida lá é bem cara assim como os hoteis.
    É mesmo assim, ou existem hoteis/hostels baratos? :p

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