Mini-Holiday | Paris #2

And moving on to my second post about my mini-holiday in Paris, this year. For those of you who haven’t seen the first post (you can check it here), I’ve decided to share some of the photographs that I took in a series of posts, in order not to flood y’all with dozens of them in just one post. I’ve also decided to explore a somewhat different theme in each one of these posts. Thus, today’s theme revolves around the Parisian architecture, probably one of its main attractions.

Some of the photographs that I show you below are completely random. With the exception of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th photographs – Louvre Museum, Opera House and Sainte-Chapelle/Palais de Justice, respectively -, the rest are just random buildings that I decided to photograph. I believe that the buildings in the 2nd and 14th photographs are completely representative of the Parisian civil architecture, as the bridge in the 10th photograph.

I really loved the statue in the 15th photograph. It’s different in a good way and really interesting. There are buildings in these photographs that I cannot identify because I don’t remember what they are now. The statue in the last photograph is located in what was once the Bastille prison. For me, it is a shame that there is nothing left of it because I’d love to see it, even if it were to be only ruins of the building.

Lastly, the bookstore in the 13th photograph was somewhat a suggestion from the owner of the blog “Sweet Stuff”. She talked about it a few months ago and I decided it would be a lovely surprise for my mum, since she loves books. This bookstore is quite the find in Paris because it is an English bookstore in the middle of Paris; something that I never expected to find, considering how protective the French are about their language. The bookstore is lovely and has an amazing collection of books. The only problem I found in it was the price of the books, which is nothing unusual when foreign books are imported – their prices are always higher that those practiced in the native country.

These photographs were edited using the programme ‘pixelmator’.

Paris 16 Paris 17 Paris 18 Paris 19 Paris 20 Paris 21 Paris 22 Paris 23 Paris 24 Paris 25 Paris 26 Paris 27 Paris 28 Paris 29 Paris 30 Paris 31


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