Mini-Holiday | Paris #1

I have already mentioned this before, about a month ago or so, but anyway… After the end of my Masters and the beginning of my internship in France, I spent a few days in Paris in what I called my mini-holidays. At the beginning of this year, I thought that my internship would only start at the end of July, which would give me plenty of time to travel between it and the end of my Masters. My intention was really to do a trip around Europe for two weeks but in the end there was simply no time to do such a trip. However, I can’t complain because I got the chance to go to Paris for a few days.

The last time – the first one actually – that I was in Paris was 11 years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago and even though not that many years passed, I’ve noticed really big differences between then and now. The city is a lot more touristic, a lot more confusing and crowed. Everything is more commercialised now which is a shame. But the rest is still the same. Parisians are still annoying – no offence though -, its architecture is still something to die for, amazing food, especially pastries.

In order not to flood one post with dozens of photos, I’ve decided to share them in a series of posts, each one with a different theme. So today’s theme is churches. I’m pretty sure that one of the first places people go to is the Notre Dame Cathedral. If we already thought that the queues were too long the first time we went there, which explains why we didn’t get in then, I believe it was even worse this time. If we think about individual people or families that go on holiday, it isn’t really a problem. The problem is actually the groups of tourists that are one of the most annoying things ever. They’re too big, too loud and too slow. They’re the main reason why the queues are so gigantic.

Either way. The first photographs are from Notre Dame. I’m sorry for the not so good quality of them, especially the ones inside because we were not  allowed to take photographs with flash, so they’re kinda rubbish. The last four photos are from the Saint-Séverin church, located in the Quartier Latin, and close to the apartment where we stayed. As additional information, both churches are from the Gothic period.

All of these photographs were edited with the programme ‘pixelmator’.

Paris 1 Paris 2 Paris 3 Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6 Paris 7 Paris 8 Paris 9 Paris 10 Paris 11 Paris 12 Paris 13 Paris 14 Paris 15

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