If I could travel… #5

Whenever and wherever I wanted to, right now I would be here: Biddinghuizen

lowlands festival
I think I will continue to complain about my bad luck when it comes to concerts until the day I get to see Bastille live (or Imagine Dragons or HAIM or god knows who else I can come up with in the next months). Not that being in a certain country guarantees you a huge number of concerts a priori – well unless you’re in the UK or in the States – but I felt a bit disappointed about the lack of concerts – non-mainstream ones I mean – in the Netherlands in the past year. But now that I’m not there anymore, it actually doesn’t suck that much.

I’m not a fan of festival – big crowds are not my thing – but this one would definitely convince me. The Lowlands Festival has been held at Biddinghuizen, in the Netherlands, since 1993, the year of the first edition of this festival. It started yesterday (21 August) and will last until tomorrow (23 August). My fascination for this year’s edition is because Bastille and Bleachers are going to perform. Well Bleachers have already performed yesterday. Bastille’s gig will be today.

Obviously Bastille isn’t the only big band featured in this festival, so this festival is actually even better than it sounds at first. Something that I don’t understand from the poster is the non-mention of Bastille as one of the head-bands. But that’s just a detail I guess.


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