Book review | The Scorch Trials

I’m not sure if I’m gonna make this a permanent rubric or something like that but maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. At least it would give me some extra motivation to keep reading, for fun I guess because there’s no shortage of reading material when you’re studying, especially at university level – which reminds me that I don’t believe I’ve ever read so much scientific texts as the ones I did for my Masters. But either way, that’s not what brought me here today. What I really wanna do is review another book, the second one from “The Maze Runner” trilogy – that now has prequels so I’m not really sure what to call it anymore.

As I’ve just said, this is the second book of this trilogy, obviously made of three books and a couple of prequels, if I’m not mistaken. This will once again be a spoiler-free review, not that I had intended to discuss any particular events from the story. And I think the plot written on the back of the book is alright, so you should have no problem reading this post if you haven’t read the books or if you’re waiting to see the film adaptation of this book.

This being said, the book presents the following abstract: “Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. No more puzzles. And no more running. Thomas was sure that escaping meant he would get his life back. But no one knew what sort of life they were going back to… Burned and baked, the earth is a wasteland, its people driven mad by an infection known as the Flare. Instead of freedom, Thomas faces another trial. He must cross the Scorch to once again save himself and his friends…

the scorch trials
Obviously this trilogy has a few points in common with others, such as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, because they all belong to the same literary genre but I’ll argue until the dome of the world that they’re all very different from each other. Honestly, I believe that “The Maze Runner” trilogy has a very unique and intriguing and amazing plot. I’ve been fascinated with it since the first pages of the first book and “The Scorch Trials” couldn’t have better met my expectations. I believe it even exceeded them. My fascination for this story was so big that I would have read the entire book in just one go, if it wasn’t for the fact that I started reading it while I was doing my internship and obviously my free time was a little limited. The end of the first book leaves you already intrigued about what’s going to happen next, and because it’s common knowledge that this is a trilogy it’s super easy to remember that the story obviously doesn’t end there, but I was completely glued to this story from the very first paragraphs. I’m not sure if from the two books this one is my favourite but I certainly enjoyed reading it a lot.

One thing that I find fundamental that everyone understands about books or films or tv shows is that these stories are the views of their creators and obviously they can’t always be like what we want, with all the details that we could possibly want. But if I’m allowed to make a small – very very tiny – complaint – well not sure if it’s a complaint and now that I’ve written it I don’t like this word, so let’s call it a tiny wish -, I’d like to say that I’d love if the books went a little further into detail about the other characters, apart from Thomas. I do understand that he is the main character and that the story sort of develops mostly around him and I wouldn’t want that to be changed because that’s how the books were made, but I would really love to see Newt’s or Minho’s sides of this whole thing. There’s so much happening in these novels that it would be amazing if we could have a glimpse into every characters’ feelings and thoughts.

The relationships between all of the characters continues to be one of the best features of this trilogy and I think it is exceptionally well-done in this book. All the intrigues… All the emotions and feelings… All the thoughts… And the tiny details… It is absolutely genial in my opinion. This aspect in relation to the plot itself, I believe that’s what made “The Scorch Trials” such an enthusiastic and interesting book to read. Not including Thomas and Teresa in this next comment – because the main characters are generally the ones most people easily are interested in -, I would like to say that Newt and Minho have been two of my favourite characters from the very beginning and I couldn’t have developed a bigger interest for them in this book. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in seeing their sides of the story, if that would ever be possible.

Finally, in regard to the book itself and its writing, I don’t think I have much to add to what I’ve previously said in the other review – which you can read here, by the way. I really like the way the book is divided in several small chapters, which makes it very easy to separate the different events from each other but still not losing the connection between all of them. I believe it makes the reading a lot easier and it actually makes you want to keep reading indefinitely. It is a very easy book to read, the English version I mean, even for non-native speakers. Yeah that’s it! Just go and read this book because it is amazing. And now onto to the last and third book of this series. Can’t wait to figure out what happens in the end!


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