Life goals #2

For the last few months, probably even since the beginning of this year, I’ve been constantly daydreaming about having my own place, my own house – very much likely only rented because I doubt this generation will ever have the money to actually buy a house. I must admit I loved the independence I had while I was studying in the Netherlands. Not that it ever bothered me living with my parents. I honestly had more privacy living with them than when I was sharing a studio with another girl.

I don’t think this whole experience of sharing this studio counts as literally living with someone else, because thankfully we weren’t in the studio at the same time, all the time. Honestly, thank god for all the trips my most recent roommate did, especially the last one in June, which meant I had the entire flat just for myself during three weeks – it’s was blessing. So I could just move in with someone (in a more personal/intimate way, if you know what I mean) having already lived by myself. However, I really wanna live just by myself for a while.

I could say it is lonely but I honestly don’t really care. I’ve always loved having time alone, so I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be a problem at all. And besides, I wouldn’t have to deal with someone else’s problems or messiness.

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