What sharing a studio flat has taught me #2

Cleaning the flat is a good way to procrastinate.

You don’t feel like working or studying for your modules/subjects, so you basically replace it for a few chores. It’s actually a sort of win-win. You’re not working, that I do know, but you’re cleaning the house. This way you’re doing something productive, so you don’t feel too guilty because you’re not working for school/university.

I’ve done this quite a few times this year. Considering that I’m living by myself (well sharing a studio flat with a freaking animal that’s what it is) now I have to be the one responsible for these kind of chores, so what better time to do them other than when I don’t wanna do university work? But honestly sometimes I do wonder why I even bother because five minutes later everything goes back to being dirty thanks to my roommate. That’s why I’ve decided that I’ll clean only whatever I use or leave dirty and only vacuum clean my side of the room (I’m not her maid really).

The funny part is that a while ago she commented that she couldn’t live in a dusty environment and all of that, but then her side of the room is the biggest dirty mess I’ve ever seen in my life (and I’ve shared a house with guys and girls for three months – not in a row though), and she actually managed not to vacuum clean her side of the room for more than a month. Just… disgusting!!!


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