Going back to my third home country

Portugal will always be my first country because I was born and raised there and because all my family (well the closest relatives) is there. I wouldn’t exactly call it home but it definitely is my first country for sure. Then the United Kingdom comes as my second country because from all the countries I’ve been to (not that many yet, unfortunately), it is the most welcoming of them all. Something I wasn’t quite expecting the first time I visited it, but it is definitely the best thing about this country. And then in third place we have France. Although I still have tiny problems with it, it is actually the country that I know best. I’ve been there six times already and this year it will be the seventh.

The post that I published four days ago was just a tiny preview of this one. Since I started my bachelor four years ago, I have been calling my weeks in archaeological excavations as internships. It would have been more accurate if I had called it fieldwork but I thought it was a more understandable term. However, this time I can indeed call it internship because that’s what this year’s excavation is going to serve for me. As part of my Master degree, we have to do an internship of three weeks, which can be done either in a lab, at a museum or in an excavation. I have chosen the last one and that’s why I am going to France. It’s no news because I’ve been to an excavation in France before (two years ago), but it’s still different because it will be at another site with a totally different team. Let’s see how this works out in the end.

But before I get started with my internship, I am going to spend a few of days in Paris with my parents. I haven’t been to Paris since I was 11 years old and that’s exactly the time that has passed since then. Even though it was ages ago, this city is also no news to me but I’m pretty sure it has changed a lot during all these years. Before I knew when this internship was going to happen, I considered doing a tiny inter-rail trip across Germany and Austria, in order to take advantage of the fact that I was living in the Netherlands, but since the internship lasts the whole month of July and I’ve barely just finished my degree, there was really never time to do such trip. So I couldn’t be more excited to go to Paris for a few days.

Lastly, concerning that last picture. No, I’m not going in any kind of trip, even though I would totally not mind it at all. That picture actually meant that I need to get my driver’s license. Taking your diver’s licence at 18 is the most cliché thing of it all (not judging anyone though) and I really didn’t needed it back then, so I never bothered. But now, four years later (jesus, it’s been that long?) I really really need it, so it’s time to go and learn how to drive. And that’s exactly how I’m hopefully gonna spend the end of my Summer.

At the time that this post is being published, I am already in France. Yesterday were my last 24h in the Netherlands. It wasn’t the best experience, or at least the one that I was hoping for, but it will be missed for sure. As you could have guessed by this post, I will be pretty much occupied during this Summer, at least during the month of July, which is when I’ll be doing my internship. However, I prepared a bunch of post to keep the blog updated. They’re all scheduled so I won’t be leaving this blog to the wolves. I am not sure if I’ll have much time to come here during my internship, but I will try to do my best. I hope you all have a great Summer!


3 thoughts on “Going back to my third home country

  1. Cátia Reis says:

    Sempre que venho aqui tens novidades para mim! Boa estadia em França, espero que esta experiência seja melhor para ti querida.
    Pois bem, eu também tenho uma novidade para ti…mudei de endereço do blog e agora passo a estar hospedada no blogspot. Já queria ter dado este salto à imenso tempo, mas precisei de ajuda…encontrei uma designer mesmo boa, tens de trabalhar com ela eheheh.
    Fica aqui o endereço: http://www.hautecouturebycatia.blogspot.com
    Beijinhos 🙂


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