Desabafo #18

I know that the bright side of this whole experience of being studying in a foreign country is the fact that I’m learning to live by myself and be a responsible adult (not that I wasn’t before) and also all the friends that I’ve made this year, but honestly I can’t forget the fact that all of this was a fucking huge bad decision because it made me go back to square zero. Actually I feel like I haven’t left this square zero thing since I started high school. It feels like that no matter the decisions I make, they never seem to be the right ones and they never take me anywhere but backwards. For starters, I shouldn’t have opted to go to Humanities. Math and Physics would have eaten me alive during high school but I should have opted for the Science and Technologies path. Second, I should have gone to the UK when I had the chance to, no matter how different my present would have been if I had opted for that path. And third, I should once more have opted for the UK when I decided to accept the offers I had for my Masters. Whenever I think I can’t be more stupid, I surprise myself by being even more stupid than before. Now it’s gonna be a bitch to find my way to the UK.

At this point it is completely cliché saying that we wanna move to the UK because let’s be honest half of the people you know wanna do it. But considering that most of those people want to go to London, and I really don’t mind any corner of the UK so to speak, I guess it is still a brilliant idea. Now that I think of it, it has been my main idea since I was 14 and its about time I do something about it. Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping for. And honestly it would make the perfect location for a masters reunion in five years, considering that all my friends here are either British or moving to the UK.


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