Holland: Nate Ruess @ Cloud Nine, Utrecht

I have a bit of a déjà vu feeling towards this concert, to be honest. I know it was not the same thing as the one of Fun. I attended three years ago, but the circumstances were pretty similar. Both small concerts had little advertisement, both were in small venues close to main train stations in their respective cities, almost starting at an equal time. Not that I’ve had much experience on concerts so far, but I do prefer these ones. It’s so much more intimate and I think that’s worth a lot more than sold-out concerts for thousands of people. And there’s always a great plus when it comes to these concerts, they are a lot more cheap than the other ones. Not that it matters in some cases but it’s always nice when we can save some money.

It wasn’t exactly the best day to wait in line for a concert because it was quite cloudy and raining for most of the day, but I mean concerts are always worth it. Or at least, some concerts are worth it, others not so much. Since I’ve never been to Utrecht before I thought it would be a good idea to wonder around for a bit, but since the weather wasn’t feeling like helping yesterday, I decided to only go to city close to the opening of the venue’s doors. So the only thing I actually saw of the city was its train station and the venue, which is pretty big – the concert was in the 9th floor (quite the pain in the ass to get there).

This was without a doubt one of the best days I’ve had so far in 2015. It was absolutely amazing. And the concert was… just… perfect. Honestly, I don’t think there are enough words to describe how awesome it was. I’m pretty sure what I’ve already comment on my 2012 Fun. concert applies entirely to this concert, because after all Nate Ruess was their vocalist (well he still is). He’s the soul of any show because he’s amazingly talented. You’d expect that he would sound the same as in his studio songs, but his actual voice manages to be way better. I really have no words to describe it. It’s just one of those experiences than one has to live through to know how it feels. The show was amazing as it always is with him. And honestly he is absolutely adorable and sweet. I’m glad that he’s touring with Emily and Nate again – they were part of Fun.‘s tour band, and I love the four new editions to the band – I’d say three but I’m not sure if the drummer was Will or not (can’t really remember how he looks) [update: yes, it is him indeed]. It was a really amazing night and now all I want is to attend the next few concerts of this tiny tour.

Small venues are really one of the best things ever. Shows in venues like this are always the best because they are way more intimate: there’s fewer people and a lot less confusion. I think we were about 100 people so that was almost like a private concert, even though I wish there were more people there to support the artist, y’know. I got to be in the first row and this time it felt like I was almost on top of the stage. It felt amazing having Nate Ruess sing right in front of me but it was very intimidating too. All in all it was an amazing experience and I do hope I can see him again in the future (let’s just hope I don’t have to wait another three years for another chance like this). Now excuse me while I enter a state of post-concert depression.

I though about taking my DSLR camera with me, since it’s the only one I have, but I was too afraid to break it during the concert or not being allowed in the venue with it, so no camera for me this time. At least, it frees you from any photography duty and allows you to pay a lot more attention to the actual concert. So this time I am only posting photos that I took with my phone (you can find two very short videos on the blog’s Instagram account too). I’m sorry that their quality isn’t that great but it was the best I managed, considering that my phone died several times during the concert.

Nate Ruess_concert


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