What sharing a studio flat has taught me #1

Girls aren’t really that tidy and clean. It’s all a myth guys.

I’m kidding because I’m only basing this statement in two examples. But at the same time I’m not joking at all because these examples are in the same level of dirtiness and untidiness of some boys that I’ve met before. At this point, I don’t think I live with a girl. I must be living with a pig. A very dirty, untidy and messy pig disguised as a human.

This is my exact reaction every time I have to walk to my roommate's side of the room.

This is my exact reaction every time I have to walk to my roommate’s side of the room.

And this is my reaction every time I have to listen to her eating. It's so disgusting.

And this is my reaction every time I have to listen to her eating. It’s so disgusting.

Seriously… I’m not even sure which one of the two roommates I’ve had this academic year is worse. Well maybe I am sure. I think the current is worse than previous one. The first couple of weeks were reasonably fine. Adjusting to a new and different life, both were quiet and seemed to be clean and tidy. But in the end they’re really not.

Because we’re living in a studio flat it means that everything is shared and there’s no individual rooms. There’s only one big room with two beds, two desks, two wardrobes and two chairs. We sort of have divided the room in two sides and the difference between them couldn’t be bigger. I’m living with another person, a stranger really, so I decided to bring out my most organised side – well I’m already like this back home, I just have the bad habit of leaving my clothes hanging on door knobs and chairs for a couple of days. But then their side of the room is a total mess: clothes on top of the desk, the chairs, the bed, on the floor too; papers all around the place, food and plates on the floor.

Every time I prepare any meal, I always clean whatever I used and store everything back in my kitchen cabinets. And I just wished they did it once. My current roommate has gotten to the point when she left her dirty dishes in the sink for a couple of days. Like man that’s disgusting! Awww speaking of food. I say that she looks like a pig because she does eat like a pig. Like girl has anyone ever told you to eat with your mouth closed??? It’s so disgusting… I’m glad I’m always with my headphones on my ears because it really gives me vomit just listening to it.

And let’s not speak about the bathroom. There’s no bath or separate place to shower, so we have to be really careful not to flood the entire bathroom. Well that problem is sort of solved thanks to me – that was a disgusting experience cleaning that drain – so the biggest problem now is that, somehow (honestly I don’t even care), she leaves the bathroom floor looking more dirty and disgusting than ever after she showers. I seriously think I live with an animal of some sorts. It’s a f***ing nightmare. I’m glad I only have to put up with this s**t for only one more month and a half.

P.S.: someone (well maybe their parents, I don’t, maybe) should have taught them some basic hygiene rules. And also how to live in or share a place with someone else. I’m pretty sure a wild animal has more manners than both of them together.


7 thoughts on “What sharing a studio flat has taught me #1

  1. Cláudia Isabel Pereira says:

    li este post e lembrei-me logo dos tempos em que vivi na polónia e partilhava casa com mais 3 raparigas. é uma experiência gira e tal, mas a divisão de tarefas dava cabo de nós. discutíamos imenso por causa disso e por causa da (des)arrumação…


  2. Danny says:

    epá por isso é que eu não gosto nada de partilhar casa com outras pessoas, já na faculdade era igual. gosto demasiado das coisas à minha maneira! eu não sou a pessoa mais organizada do mundo, mas partilhar casa mostrou-me que não sou assim tão má!


  3. alexis says:

    Percebo perfeitamente a tua situação, felizmente não divido o quarto com ninguém, mas até mesmo com o facto de dividires a casa acabas por encontrar pessoas que não ligam nenhuma à limpeza e acabam por não ter respeito nenhum pelos outros.


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