There shall be a concert in 2015!

There is still hope people; there is still hope…

Being in the Netherlands, yet temporarily, made me think from the beginning that this would be a good chance to go to a few concerts. I mean, it’s the Netherlands, it’s Amsterdam, who wouldn’t want to come here right? Well apparently everyone. I had really high hopes that I would be able to see a couple of my favourite bands this year, but soon I realised it wasn’t gonna happen.

For starters, Bastille are now preparing their second album which means no tour at all, at least until September (according to the rumours that’s when they’re gonna release the album). If they do a tour at the end of the year, I won’t be in the Netherlands so it won’t really matter, and god knows if they’ll go to Portugal again.

Then while Imagine Dragons are already on tour and they’ll come to Europe, for some obscure reason it will only be to a few countries. They may do others at the beginning of 2016 but there aren’t many news about that. And I’d thought they would come to the Netherlands for sure, but nope, not at all. Germany? Yes. France? Yes. Belgium? Yes. Denmark? Yes. Netherlands? No. Well, either way, by the time they’ll come to Europe, I won’t be here, so…

And then there’s Walk the Moon, who are also currently on tour, in the States, obviously. Where everyone goes… Damn you guys. Apart from a few concerts in the UK, which unfortunately I could never attend, there’s nothing schedule for Europe. Yet because I do hope they’ll come back.

Well, there was always the chance to go to a few summer festivals, but to be honest, I don’t feel like paying +150€ to just see one band perform. I mean, I’ve done it before and because I deeply regret it now, I know it would be a huge mistake to do it again.

However, exactly one week ago I received such great and amazing news on my email. I’d like to thank my always present curiosity to see what are the e-mails that I have on my junk folder, because that’s when I realised I’d have a chance to go to a concert this year. YEAH!

Nate Ruess
Long story short: I’m going to Nate Ruess’ concert in Utrecht. I’m really excited and so looking forward to this concert. These little treats for ourselves are the best things in the world, honestly. And I’ve been dying to see him ever since I saw Fun. live back in October 2012. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years now… Time does really fly by. He was probably one of the last artists I ever thought about seeing live again, so I guess things do happen when we least expect them to.

Fun. aren’t over, Nate, Andrew and Jack are just taking a little time off from the band and are currently working on their solo projects. Nate will release his album in June and before that he’s doing a little tour around Europe and the USA, as you can see in the picture. I’ve already listened to two of his new songs (I posted one of them in my last post, you can see it here) and they are amazing, and completely his style.

One of the things that I like about this concert is that it’s gonna be similar to the one of Fun. that I attended in Lisbon. Both venues are super small, which means a more intimate concert. The venue in Utrecht has room for only 400 to 600 people. I guess I’ve had enough of big crowds. Another aspect that I’m really looking forward is the prospectives of having some of the people who performed with Fun. performing now with Nate. I’ll be really happy if Emily and Will join him in this tour.

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