Holland: One Day @ Amsterdam #2

With my parents over during the Easter break, we decided to go back to Amsterdam. The last time I visited the city was more than a year ago, and I had totally forgotten how chaotic it is with all the tourists it receives everyday. And if tourists didn’t provoke enough chaos already, because they are completely unaware of the bike paths, some companies have decided to implement bike tours around the town. It would be fine if people were actually used to ride a bike in busy towns, but that’s not usually the case. Needless to say, chaos is even bigger now.

This time we didn’t visit museums or anything like that. We mostly decided to just wander around the city, getting to know a little bit about it. We ended up by spending the whole morning in one of the main commercial streets and we found a couple of very interesting shops. I wish we could have some of them back home. And we had the best brunch/lunch ever: a delicious and gorgeous apple pie with cream (you can see a picture of it here).

We decided to visit one of the Protestant churches that there is in Amsterdam. I can’t remember the exact name of the church, but is the one located close to the House of Anne Frank (you can see photos of the church below). I must say it was quite disappointing, if we compare it to Catholic churches. I had never been inside a Protestant church so I didn’t know how much they differed. They are architecturally speaking interesting but they really don’t have the same appeal that Catholic churches have.

And lastly, we wandered around Amsterdam’s chinatown. I was going to say it is small but since I’m never been to any other chinatown, I can’t really say that. All the photos that I present here were edited with the programme “pixelmator”.

Amsterdam 24 Amsterdam 25 Amsterdam 26 Amsterdam 27 Amsterdam 28 Amsterdam 29 Amsterdam 30 Amsterdam 31 Amsterdam 32 Amsterdam 33 Amsterdam 34 Amsterdam 35 Amsterdam 36 Amsterdam 37 Amsterdam 38 Amsterdam 39 Amsterdam 40 Amsterdam 41


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