Holland: One Day @ Delft

In one of the days that my parents came to visited me in the Netherlands we decided to spend one day in Delft. This is a city and a municipality in the region of South Holland. It is located close to Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft is known for its historic town centre with canals, Delft Blue pottery (Delftware), the Delft University of Technology, painter Johannes Vermeer and scientist Antony van Leeuwenhoek, and its association with the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

Once again, it was not the best of days because it was still cloudy and rainy. As you can guess this is not exactly the exception, but considering that we’re in Spring already, it feels a bit annoying that the weather hasn’t really improved yet. All these photos were edited using pixelmator.

One of the things that I liked most about this city is that it reminds me a lot of Brugge (in Belgium). I am saying this not only in regard to the buildings themselves (as you can see in these photos), but also in regard to the general layout of the city. However, there is only one Brugge (in my opinion). The architecture of this city is without a doubt its highlight. I must say that this city is even more pretty that Leiden itself, which is already a really pretty city. It felt like Delft had more historical buildings, so to speak. I just felt is was more beautiful.

The only thing disappointing about this city is its churches. Well, this something quite disappoint throughout the whole country actually. Because they are a country of protestants, their churches are not exactly the same as those in Catholic countries; and it’s not like they had a Gothic or a Baroque period. I feel like that their churches are not really worth the visit, unless they are free of charge.

Delft 1 Delft 2 Delft 3 Delft 4 Delft 5 Delft 6 Delft 7 Delft 8 Delft 9 Delft 10 Delft 11 Delft 12 Delft 13 Delft 14 Delft 15


7 thoughts on “Holland: One Day @ Delft

  1. JSC says:

    As cidades na Holanda são todas iguais excepto Roterdão e uma extensão de Eindhoven. de qualquer forma vieste à cidade onde resido (2 anos, vivi uns tempos em Arnhem também), sinceramente sendo um apaixonado por Edifícios nada bate Roterdão e o Porto é qualquer coisa de fantástico. Tens de ir até Friesland, também é interessante e as ilhas do Norte também são agradáveis.


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