Holland: One Day @ Rotterdam #2

With my parents here for their Easter holiday, it was time to take a break from my thesis and do some traveling. In the next few weeks I will then be posting a couple of posts about the cities I visited (some new around here, others not so much) and with photos that I took too. I will start with Rotterdam, a city that I had previously visited in February (you can see the post I made about it here), and that I decided to show to my parents. It wasn’t the best day in terms of weather. It was cloudy and rainy sometimes, so the photos aren’t at their best level. They were consequently edited with pixelmator.

We started by visiting the new Market Hall (or “Markthal” in Dutch), which is a residential and office building with a market hall underneath – hence its designation. This market hall was opened on the 1st of October by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. This building comprises 288 apartments, a 4600 m2 market space, a 1600 m2 horeca (this is an abbreviation that means hotel/restaurant/café) and 4-storey parking garage. As you can see from the photos of the market (the first ones), the highlight goes to its ceiling which is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It was painted by Arno Coenen. This is a market worth visiting; that’s for sure. It has fruit/vegetables stands, flower stands, cookies/chocolate stands and several restaurants or smaller stands selling food. Everything looks amazing and I am sure they taste even better.

Next to the market we have the famous Rotterdam cube houses (or “Kubuswoningen” in Dutch). They are apparently famous but we just happened to see them because we decided to walk around the market. These houses were created by Piet Blom who decided to tilted the cube of a conventional house 45 degrees, and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. These houses are located on Overblaak Street, right above the Blaak Subway Station.

Rotterdam 26 Rotterdam 27 Rotterdam 28 Rotterdam 29 Rotterdam 30 Rotterdam 31 Rotterdam 32 Rotterdam 33 Rotterdam 34 Rotterdam 35 Rotterdam 36 Rotterdam 37 Rotterdam 38 Rotterdam 39 Rotterdam 40 Rotterdam 41 Rotterdam 42 Rotterdam 43 Rotterdam 44 Rotterdam 45


5 thoughts on “Holland: One Day @ Rotterdam #2

  1. Cátia Reis says:

    Olá querida 🙂
    Estas fotografias só me dão vontade de entrar no primeiro avião e ir-te fazer uma visita ahahah. Lindas!
    Eu não sobrevivia sem creme de mãos (exagero, eu sei). Adoro ter as mãos hidratadas, porque se não as manter assim, ganho feridas e fico com peles soltas.
    Eu sou obcecada por gelados, quando voltares a Portugal, tens de ir fazer lá uma visita na minha sugestão…vais adorar!


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