Challenge | What’s on my iPhone?

I saw this challenge on Jota’s blog and I thought it would be an interesting thing to do here. I’m sure there’s a lot we can say about someone from their phones; not sure what that means in my case. Maybe you guys can draw some conclusions on that.

As you can see, I have an iPhone; more precisely an iPhone 4s. He is new and old at the same time. Is new because I’ve only got it since Christmas but it is old because it’s a second-hand phone. It came in such perfect conditions (not a single mark or scratch or anything else) that I ask myself if it was ever used before. Its battery is not the greatest thing ever but none of their batteries are great, so this is nothing new. I couldn’t be happier with my new toy, to be honest.

phone 1 phone 2 phone 3
This has been my lock screen since ever. I have the same photo on my iTouch too. They are one of the best trios we’ve ever had in the team and that photo is one of my favourites of them. Is one of the cutest photos of the team, to be honest. My home screen hasn’t always been this one. That photo was one of the first I took with my phone in Lisbon, when I went back home for Christmas. It’s a good permanent reminder of home and I really like this photo.

I don’t think my apps are that unusual. I try not to have too much on my phone, so it doesn’t occupy too much space. I do have a problem with organisation so I’ve put the apps according to their categories (more or less). There is alway some connection between them and each screen has a main theme (more or less too).

The social media and tennis apps are probably the ones I use the most, and also the photography ones. That 9292 app is probably one of the best apps there is if you’re living in the Netherlands. It gives up up-to-date info on any public transport within the country. It works both for buses and trains.


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