Holland: One Day @ Amsterdam #1

I have just realised that since I came to the Netherlands, for my Masters, that I haven’t shown you guys any photos from Amsterdam. These photos are however a bit old. They were taken exactly one year ago when I came here for my university’s open day. I did not stay in Amsterdam but I did visit the city in one of the days I spent in the Netherlands. It was not enough, obviously, but one day is better than anything, right?

The city is the same as any other Dutch city, with the exception of being the capital city, which means that it gets tons and tons of tourists daily. What, by the way, is the worse thing that can happen to anyone cycling in the city – honestly, it is the worse city in the Netherlands to cycle, because the tourists (knowingly or not) walk always on the bikes paths. It just makes cycling a lot more tricky than it normally is.

This city is absolutely beautiful; I just wish I had had more time to explore it on that day. Taking one of the canal-trips is absolutely worth it, especially if it’s a sunny day. It’s a perfectly good way to see some of the city’s attractions, and it’s also a really good way of seeing a good bunch of the city, without taking too long to do it.

The only attraction, if we can call it, I saw was the Anne Frank Museum. It occupied our entire morning and lunch period because the queue to enter the museum was huge when we got there (and it wasn’t that late in the morning). So, as a piece of advice, do try to get there as soon as possible, just to avoid being in a queue for a couple of hours. However, any wait is totally worth it. And obviously, we leave the museum with our hearts shattered into million tiny pieces. All the photos below were altered using the program “pixelmator”.

Amsterdam 1 Amsterdam 2 Amsterdam 3 Amsterdam 4 Amsterdam 5 Amsterdam 6 Amsterdam 7 Amsterdam 8 Amsterdam 9 Amsterdam 10 Amsterdam 11 Amsterdam 12 Amsterdam 13 Amsterdam 14 Amsterdam 15 Amsterdam 16 Amsterdam 17 Amsterdam 18 Amsterdam 19 Amsterdam 20 Amsterdam 21 Amsterdam 22 Amsterdam 23


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