Random | New technologies needed

Dear electronic engineers,

Would you be so kind to build a remote control that would enable us to mute commentators (in any kind of sporting events) but still be able to continue hearing the event itself?


I say this not only thinking about football matches but also thinking about tennis matches. Awww and I say this about the Portuguese commentators that work for Eurosport and our three national channels – can’t speak about people in other countries, though. I know we all have favourites but shouldn’t commentators be impartial in their jobs? I guess so. However, that’s something they always forget which they shouldn’t. And this is not the only problem. Probably worse than this is the fact that most of their comments are totally stupid and out of context. I haven’t watched many sporting events lately but once I started watching the Australian Open on Eurosport, It immediately reminded me why I prefer live streams. Those commentators are the most annoying and repetitive thing in the World. I just wish I could mute them but still be able to hear everything else, and actually properly enjoy the matches I’m watching. Once I found a live stream for a football match without any kind of comments and it was the best thing ever – almost as a gift that had fallen from the skies.


4 thoughts on “Random | New technologies needed

  1. sweet says:

    Não vejo muito desporto na tv mas realmente há comentadores que passam mais tempo há contar histórias da carochinha sobre o jogador x do que a relatar o que se está a passar no jogo -.-


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