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opinionI know it’s not new year’s eve or day anymore but I haven’t really written anything about the blog in ages. I can’t even remember the last time I did a retrospective about it. I’ve had this space in the blogosphere for a bit more than 3 years, and I feel that it has grown a lot ever since. But it has grown into such a mess, honestly. It started as fundamentally a fashion blog, but by now that’s just a part of the many themes approached here. I think I can fully say that this has become more of a personal blog than anything else (correct me if I’m wrong).

I know I’ve abandoned the fashion part in the past few months. But I haven’t forgotten about it entirely. New posts will start being publish already this month; it’s just a matter of waiting a few more days for them. The rubric on Spring/Summer trends will make its come back this month.

My cinematic suggestions (currently only written in Portuguese) will be a constant presence in the blog. It’s definitely some of the posts that I enjoy writing the most, since it makes me keep up to date with recent cinematic releases. And the more personal side of the blog is also here to stay.

I intend to finish the music challenge this year (you can see what has already been published here), and I’ll keep doing the tv shows challenge (not sure how long it will take for me to finish it, though).

And because this space is not only for me but also for you guys, on the other side of the screen, I would like to know what’s your opinion of the blog. What do you like about it? And what don’t you like? Do you have any suggestions (about themes for posts, their format, the language they’re written in or anything else)? Do you have any suggestions for future posts that you’d like to see published here?

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7 thoughts on “Random | Opinion needed

  1. S says:

    Adoro o novo template do blog, é clean, fresco e azul (a minha cor favorita). Adoro a diversidade de temas que publicas, por vezes gostava de ver alguns posts mais curtos 🙂

    Gosto imenso das imagens que publicas quando fazes as “inspirações” e moda sem duvida podia aparecer mais vezes isto porque adoro! Mas tbm blogues de moda não faltam por ai… dito isto, acho sem duvida que o teu blog é TEU e deve representar isso, o que te apetece escrever e que já é o que nós esperamos e nos identificamos 🙂



  2. alexis says:

    Eu gosto muito do teu blog, gosto das várias temáticas que abordas, adoro quando falas da tua experiência no estrangeiro, quando colocas fotos e gostava muito de ver mais posts relacionados com moda 😀 E adoro o facto de escreveres em inglês, ajuda a não esquecer!!


  3. alexis says:

    Acredita quando te digo que vale a pena, acaba por não importar muitos se são muitos ou poucos momentos, eles acabam por te deixar tão saudosista e alegre ao mesmo tempo, até porque há coisas que já nem te lembravas e acabas por recordar, é tão bom….


  4. Raquel Painço says:

    First of all, I like your new blog template. I did not visit it for a few days (I’m being really busy :() so I just saw it now.

    About the matter of the post… I think you should write about what makes you happy. No matter if it is fashion stuff or personal posts, you should do it for you and what really makes you feel happy.

    My suggestion about the overall blog is to write shorter posts. Don’t mind me, I am not saying I don’t read all the text, not the case, when I see a post I actually read it but if people are in a rush it may be difficult to read all the post and they may skip some parts. Well… We don’t want that, as bloggers we want people to read our opinion 🙂

    Just a constructive opinion. I love to receive this kind of opinion so I can improve so I’m being honest and telling you this, hope you don’t misinterpret me. 🙂


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