Happy New Year

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And we are in the last day of 2014. I feel like, for the first time in such a long time, I don’t have any kind of resolutions for the new year, besides wanting to finish my Masters with the best grade possible. Contrary to what happened in the last few years, I honestly don’t have any major plans for 2015. I don’t know what happened this time but I really don’t feel the need of it. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, though. I think I’ll just wait and see how this year goes, and make any plans when they’re necessary. I know that I will have to figure out what to do with my life after I finish my Masters, but I really don’t wanna think about it right now. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some kind of plan when it gets the time for it. I think I’ve been adopting a way of life where I tackle one problem at a time. It’s harder than it sounds, actually. So, no major plans for 2015 right now. But there are still some sort of planed things that I’m looking forward to.

For the first time, I’m super excited for Valentine’s Day but not for the reasons you’d think – I don’t have any romantic plans whatsoever. But I’ll have the next best thing… Well, at least for me. I’ll be attending the Rotterdam tennis tournament’s semi-finals. I have no idea who may be able to reach it, but I’m hoping that Stanislas Wawrinka, Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov and Tomas Berdych will qualify for it, because that would mean that I could watch either one of them play live. That would be amazing!

new year_2015
I’m hoping that 2015 will be the year when I’ll finally see “Walk the Moon” live again, and “Imagine Dragons” live for the first time. “Walk the Moon” have just released their 2nd album this month and they’re going to start their new tour in January. Until now they only have dates for the USA and Canada. In the meantime, I’m hoping that they’ll add more dates but this time in Europe. And there’s no way a band can miss Amsterdam – so I’m really praying that they’ll perform there in time for me to see them. As for “Imagine Dragons”, they are going to release their 2nd album in February and we already know that a new tour is coming too. Also, they’ve promised to big news for the fans. I’m not sure where they’ll start but I’m assuming it will be the USA. Hopefully, they’ll go to Amsterdam too before I leave the Netherlands. I would have put “Bastille” in this list too but Dan Smith just crashed my dreams when, in an interview in Austria, he said: “this is like our last European show of the year, and probably for quite a long time”. They’ve also confirmed that they’ll be spending quite a long time working on their 2nd album (which is amazing news, though). So no new tour for the next few months, probably nothing for the first half of the year. So no chance I’ll be able to see them in the Netherlands. I know there’s concerts in Portugal too, but bad experiences in the past with fans make me seriously question if I ever want to go to a concert here. For now, I’d prefer something in a foreign country. Anyway, I won’t rest until I get the chance to see them live (I wasted my first chance; no way in hell I’m gonna waste a second one).

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Also, living (even if only temporarily) in the Netherlands has a huge advantage in terms of trips. It is situated basically in the centre of Europe, so there’s plenty of interesting countries to visit, including itself. I’m not sure who much time I’ll have to travel but I want to do some trips, even if only really small ones. Apart from the tennis tournament, for which I already bought my tickets, these aren’t exactly planed things, but simply ideas that I would like to fulfil.

I just want to finish this post by wishing you all a great, awesome and amazing 2015. I honestly hope that all your dreams and wishes come true. And never forget that every year has its bad and good moments, so don’t be discouraged if your life isn’t going 100% to what was planed. There’s plenty of different paths to reach our goals. It doesn’t matter if it will take little or too long to get there, what matters is that you will get there. In the end, bad moments or situations can be used as valuable lessons to make us better people, especially for our own sake. So most importantly, never give up and be happy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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