Christmas in Germany: Köln

I have already shown you guys some photos from my short trip to Cologne (Köln), but now that we’re super close to Christmas, I will show you the rest of my photos. Our group basically went to Cologne for their Christmas markets, as I’ve said in the other post (that you can read here).

So, every year, the city of Cologne organises several Christmas markets that normally last for about an entire month. In total, I believe that the city has around 9 different markets. The most famous is the one located next to the Cathedral – this was the first that we went to. We also went to the old market Christmas and to the Christmas market in the Stadtgarten. Finally, we went to gay and lesbian Christmas market. Curious thing that the guy at the hostel told us – apparently, Cologne is the gay city of Germany. As you can see, there’s a Christmas market for every taste.

In these markets, apart from he selling of different types of crafts, people also have the chance to try some typical German dishes (mainly involving sausages) and some mulled wine (beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and raisins; it is served hot or warm and may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic) – or Glühwein, in German.

As I’ve said on the other post about Cologne, I completely forgot my camera at home, so I couldn’t take pictures with my own camera, obviously. But since one of the girls lent me one of her cameras – one of those tiny ones – I managed to take some photos. The quality of them is not the same as those from previous posts, but at least it gives you an idea of how was my weekend. This is going to be another super short post because I didn’t take many photos at the markets.

Cologne 29

Cologne 30

Cologne 31

Cologne 32

Cologne 33

Cologne 34

Cologne 35

Cologne 36


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