Desabafo #16

This is another really random post. Football (and I must emphasise it by saying football as in soccer) mascots aren’t something that we see much in Portugal. Every club has its own kind of mascots (some more alive than others) but it’s not the same thing as we see in other countries, such as the United Kingdom or Germany. I mean, the whole show with the eagle is amazing – this is a magnificent and beautiful animal, that’s for sure – but there’s no connection between it and the players and audience. And I think this is what makes those mascots sound a lot better. The way that they interact with the players in some situations, it’s just awesome and absolutely cute.

The mascots that I will show you guys are my top three. Actually, I don’t think that there’s many more that I like. Either way, I find them to be the cutest thing ever. They’re adorable. And the next few gifs are some of my favourite of them.

3. Emma (it’s a boy just to be clear) – Borussia Dortmund, Germany


2. BerniFC Bayern München, Germany


1. StamfordChelsea Football Club, England




7 thoughts on “Desabafo #16

  1. S says:

    Definitivamente a Emma, mas cá não há disto 😦 Assim como não as belas das bailarinas dançantes semi-nuas nos intervalos (em alguns já há, mas não com a loucura dos EUA por exemplo) …

    R: Opá! Juro-te que saber que ele está solteiro dá-me uma comichão!! Ia hoje no carro a pensar nisto, e dou por mim a pensar nisso em montes de sítios!


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