Desabafo #15

This bit is from a comment section of a video on YouTube just makes me wanna punch these people with a chair. I honestly don’t know which comment is the most stupid one. Well, apart from the second and third ones. I’m assuming that not everyone knows that Romanian is the native language of both Romania (obviously) and Moldova. But this isn’t exactly the problem about those comments. The problem is really in the first and last comments.

First… Yeah! Dear Alina Parsons, welcome to the 21st century, where you can learn pretty much any language that you feel like it, as long as there’s someone that can teach you it. You can not only learn Latin (which is one of several dead languages) but you can also learn how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Second… Dear Thomas Terpstra, not all countries invaded by the Romans have a romance language. The last time I checked, both English and German weren’t romance languages but germanic languages. And these aren’t the only examples. Let me just say that there’s a much bigger number of non-romance languages in the area occupied by the Romans than the other way around. The only countries invaded by the Romans which actually have romance native languages are: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Romania (plus the Maghreb region where French is also spoken). Awww just to make it absolutely clear, the romance languages are those that actually descend from the Latin.

Probably not stupid comments but more ignorant. These comments actually just show how ignorant our (worldwide) society is. This is bloody common sense. The last comment makes me wanna laugh a bit but mostly cry. Being ignorant has its perks (I’ll admit that) but still, c’mon people…


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