Holland: Life in Leiden #2

This post serves as a continuation to the one I made some days ago (you can check it out here). It’s going to be a short post, though, because I don’t think I have that much to add. Leiden is definitely a very beautiful and peaceful city (thank god for that honestly). As I’ve said, the city is quite small (especially considering that my hometown is Lisbon), which is great because it means that we can walk pretty much everywhere. However, there’s nothing quite like biking. I think I’m really going to miss my Dutch bike when I go home for the Christmas/New Years holidays.

So, the post is really small. This time, I am only publishing three photos taken during the celebration of the 3rd of October (festival). For those of you who don’t know, the 3 Oktober Feest commemorates the anniversary of the 1573–1574 Siege of Leiden, during the Eighty Years’ War, when the Spanish Army attempted to capture the city. This is an official city holiday. This festival includes different funfairs, markets, club parties and a firework display around 11pm.

I am also leaving here a video that I’ve recently found. It is a kind of time-lapse of the city. The video is actually really amazing and shows some parts of the city that I’ve yet to discover – perhaps it isn’t as small as I think it is (or maybe I haven’t explored it as I should have).

Leiden 27

Leiden 28

Leiden 29


2 thoughts on “Holland: Life in Leiden #2

  1. blackbunyyy says:

    Ah, aqui está um post com as tuas fotos…falhei pesado em não ter visto 😦 peço desculpa!
    Quanto ao post, curto mas interessante, não tinha conhecimento desse festival e o video está espetacular, mostrando zonas lindas da cidade :3


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