30 Day TV Show Challenge #1

A show that should have never been canceled… FlashForward

After the entire world’s population blacks out for approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds, which in effect causes the entire world to see a glimpse of life 6 months into the future, an elite FBI task force is formed to investigate who/what caused the global blackout, whether the events foreseen were simply flashes or true events of what’s to come, and whether or not it could possibly happen again…

FlashForward” aired on ABC between September 24, 2009 and May 27, 2010, and was cancelled after just one season. This show is based on the novel “FlashForward” written by Robert J. Sawyer. “FlashForward” stars Joseph Fiennes (as FBI Special Agent Mark Benford), John Cho (as FBI Special Agent Demetri Fordis Noh), Jack Davenport (as Dr. Lloyd Simcoe), Zachary Knighton (as Dr. Bryce Varley), Peyton List (as Nicole Kirby), Dominic Monaghan (as Dr. Simon Campos), Brían F. O’Byrne (as Aaron Stark), Courtney B. Vance (as FBI Assistant Director Stanford Wedeck), Sony Walger (as Dr. Olivia Benford), Christine Woods (as FBI Special Agent Janis Hawk), Ryan Wynott (as Dylan Simcoe), Lennon Wynn (as Charlie Benford), among others.

I’m pretty sure that there’s plenty of shows that I could name right now. Television networks unfortunately only look at the ratings and not at the quality of the shows. But sometimes this is not even the case. However, this makes no sense in the particular case of this show. Not only did “FlashForward” actually had a good number of U.S. viewers, the show also received really good reviews. This is one of those cases that I don’t understand how a TV network decided to cancel a show. And this is not the only thing that bugs me. The fact that the show ended in a huge cliffhanger really annoys me. I know that the last episode was filmed before any cancellation announcement was made, but they could have had the decency of producing another episode just so the show could end properly.

Did anyone watch “FlashForward” too? | Which TV show would you choose?


6 thoughts on “30 Day TV Show Challenge #1

  1. Barbirella says:

    Never watch this before but I’m glad I watched the trailer today! 🙂 Wish I can flash forward 10 years to see what life is like!


  2. Blackbird says:

    Eu andava a fazer esse desafio mas como desisti do blogue que tinha antes, o desafio ficou a meio mas vou voltar a fazer!
    Já ouvi falar dessa série mas nunca vi 🙂


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