Let they inspire you #12

First of all, I’m sorry for my recent absence from the blog. This past week and a half has been totally crazy. This week is our first exam season. Because our semesters are divided in two blocks, and the 1st block ended last Friday, this is our exam week for the block 1’s modules. Thankfully, I had only two and I’ve already done them. Not sure how they went (and it’s something that I really don’t wanna think about right now), so I’m not gonna discuss it here. I’m just glad that I’ll have the rest of this week to rest before the start of the 2nd block, next Monday. However, I’m really excited about my next block.

Second of all, today I’m bringing you guys another outfit inspiration post. And today’s inspirations are going to be totally different from each other, since the weather in Portugal is totally the opposite of the weather in the Netherlands, now. This is actually really funny. So, while in Portugal it’s sunny and warm (or should I say really hot for Autumn), in the Netherlands we’re in the middle of a tropical storm (Gonzalo). It has rained a lot today (not as much as I thought though), but the worst has been the wind. I guess this is a bit of “welcome to Dutch Autumn”. I took these outfit’s from lookbook’s website.

look 236

look 237

look 238

look 239

look 240

look 241

look 242

look 243

look 244

look 245

look 246


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