Things I’m looking forward to (2014/2015)

Netherlands National Team matches;
Germany National Team matches;
Champions League matches;
Bundesliga matches;
Eredivisie matches;

Rotterdam tennis tournament;
Stuttgart tennis tournament;
Düsseldorf tennis tournament;
Hamburg tennis tournament;
Strasbourg tennis tournament;
Roland Garros tennis tournament.

Watching sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup has always secondary effects on me. I don’t know why but as soon as those events start I have this urge to see all kinds of sporting events, what ends up by never happening because there isn’t much to see in Portugal (apart from the “Primeira Liga” – our major football league). But now that I’m in the Netherlands, a new window of opportunities just opened to me. As you can see from the list above, my all-time favourite sports are football and tennis. I could have added the World Swimming Championship but since it is going to be held in Mexico, it’s still too far away for me to attend it (as much as I’d like to).

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to watch all of these, probably not even one, but a girl can dream right? Money-wise, these aren’t exactly the most cheap sporting events there is. I mean, football matches for the national teams should be quite cheap, but I think this is the only exception. I’d love to see a football match in Germany but that would mean more money to spend on a one-night stay there, so it is kinda off the question. And I can say the same for the tennis tournaments that aren’t in the Netherlands – well all of them except for the Rotterdam one.

And then, I don’t see myself going to a sporting event in another country without some kind of company, which in these cases is always complicated. I don’t know that many people here that would be willing to do this. Oh well, I guess I can set the Rotterdam tournament as my goal and hope that one of my favourite male tennis players will play there, next year (9-15 February 2015).


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