The truth behind it all

This must be the post that took me the longest to write, and also probably the post that I censored more. I wrote and re-wrote this post several times. The subject of this post is kinda sensitive but not in a way that’s overly dramatic or hard to talk about, but sensitive in a way that some things, that I really wanna say, could come out wrong. One of the downsides of having a public blog is that anyone can read whatever we publish, which is why it took me a long time to finally finish this post. The thing is that sometimes there’s stuff that’s better hidden inside our minds. I’m not sure who may read my blog, especially from my former university, so I kinda omitted some of my opinions here (but you can imagine what it can be from this post I publish a few days ago – it’s in Portuguese though). I’ve been wanting to write about this for a very long time, basically since the start of my third year at university, but this time I promised myself that I would only talk about this when I was 100% sure that my plans would go forward. Honestly, now I wonder why I did this because people eventually found out, when I tried to tell this to as little people as possible. My class at university remembers my high school, where everyone knew everything about each other. It’s like people can’t keep their mouths shut. I can also compare this to those groups of old ladies that talk bad about their neighbours behind their backs. So… my news are…

the netherlands
I’m in the Netherlands. And I’ll be here for the next two years (if everything goes as planned). Therefore I’m writing to you guys from my new home. YEAH!. I’ve talked about doing a Master in a few posts, how excited I am about it and how I’ve been needing this new stage in my life, so here it is. This is the moment and this is my chance to start from scratch. I’m going to do my Master degree in the Netherlands, and it is in English (in case you’re wondering) – thank god it’s not in Dutch because that would have been really tricky. I hope I won’t find it to hard to learn but, right now, Dutch seems to be 20x harder than French. But yeah, maybe in a few years I can add Dutch to my CV.

For those of you who don’t know, Master degrees in Portugal last for two years, whereas in countries such as the United Kingdom or the Netherlands they last for just one year. However, mine will last for two years instead. This is because I’ll will be doing a Research Master degree. The thing here is that I’m not sure if I’ll be doing (but I really hope so) because the department doesn’t accept foreign students directly into their research degrees. However, the coordinator of the master liked my application, so I’ll be doing it as a temporary student. Well me and at least another girl – not sure how many of us are. Our conditions to be admitted as permanent students are to obtain at least a 7.5 (out of 10) in one of the modules and pass on an interview. This is a tricky way of doing it but I think it will be worth it. If everything goes as planned, we will be temporary only during the 1st semester.

Even though our classes only start on 1st September, we all came early to the Netherlands. We have a mandatory Orientation Week to attend to and I’m quite excited for it to start. Luckily I won’t have to wait much longer because it start tomorrow. We can say that this week’s something like the fresher’s week in the UK or “praxes” (as we have in Portugal). Compared to the last one, the main difference is that people actually try to integrate us in the academic community. I know that we’ll be doing all sorts of activities together, we’ll have time to understand how the university and our courses work and we’ll have the opportunity of meet a whole bunch of new people.

Apart from the fact that this degree is just perfect, there’s one particular detail that I absolutely love about it: it’s miles and miles away from home. Honestly, I was needing a break from Portugal; for years. I’ve just had enough. Of course it sucks that I’m leaving my family and friends behind, but immigrating has always been one of my goals, even if for now it’s just to study. I know there’s people that get offended by these opinions, but this has been one of my goals since I was about 11 years old. I’m sorry if anyone will be offended but I’ve lost whatever connection I had with the country. Right now, I just see myself as an European citizen. And I think it is a completely normal thing since we live in a global world. It’s 2014 and people seem to not understand that we all have different points of view. As we usually watch in our national TV channels, people seem to see immigration has a last resource and as an idea they don’t like that much, but I don’t have any problem with that. I won’t say that I have no job opportunities left in Portugal, because we actually have a few (horrible ones thought), but I didn’t spend three years studying to be just a piece of cheap workforce, especially in a country where we don’t have any recognition. I’m totally aware that we all have to start at the bottom (don’t fool ourselves if you think you can start at the top) but there’s a big difference between working in the southern countries and the northern countries of Europe. Every day that goes by, Portugal sinks a little bit more into the hole we dug years and years ago (and no-one gives a damn about it, and I pretty sure that will dug an even bigger hole at the next elections, because people will commit the same mistakes), whereas in other countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, they’re actually growing. This is a matter of seeing a good opportunity and going after it. Stuff like this doesn’t fall from the sky, only rain/snow does.

I don’t know if I’ll have internet access during this week, so I’m not sure if I’ll be around here. Just in case I won’t be able to come here, I’m leaving a few scheduled posts for the next two weeks. Let’s enjoy the last moments of our holidays!

13 thoughts on “The truth behind it all

  1. Raquel Painço says:

    Entendo essa tua necessidade de ir para longe daqui, às vezes sinto o mesmo em relação a este país onde vivi toda a minha vida.
    Acho que te meteste numa experiência incrível. Vais ganhar competências novas, desenvolver muito mais o teu inglês (não que eu ache que não é já suficientemente bom :p) e vais conhecer muita coisa nova. E investigar, pelo menos na minha opinião, é algo gratificante para se fazer.

    Só tenho a dizer muito boa sorte e vai contando a tua jornada 🙂


  2. alexis says:

    Desejo-te a maior sorte do mundo, que consigas realizar tudo aquilo a que te propões. Acho fantástico teres conseguido tomar esta decisão de sair de portugal sozinha para ir estudar para um pais completamente diferente!!


  3. Cátia Reis says:

    Tenho a certeza que vais passar de temporária a fixa num fechar de olhos. Quem me dera embarcar assim numa aventura…começar do zero seria fantástico.

    O meu telemóvel é DUOS, mas eu não uso essa funcionalidade. Só tenho um numero e não necessito de outro. Beijinhos.


  4. Ânia Morouço says:

    Aproveita para visitar, eu adorei! Entendo o que queres dizer com a tua turma, a minha é igualzinha… Foste muito corajosa, admiro isso e muita sorte para esta etapa 🙂


  5. Sweet Stuff says:

    OMG!!! Estou sem pa-la-vras 😮
    Uma pessoa volta de férias e de repente estás na Holanda!
    Epa parabéns a sério, li tudo o que escreveste e não posso deixar de admirar a tua coragem para te mudares para aí e sinceramente acho que as pessoas que têm essa visão sobre quem toma a decisão de abandonar o país (mesmo que temporariamente) só têm medo de fazer o mesmo e uma mente um bocadinho assim para o fechada.
    Fico mesmo feliz por ti, mais uma vez parabéns e que corra tudo maravilhosamente bem! 🙂



  6. Rita P. says:

    A Holanda é um daqueles países onde eu me via perfeitamente a viver, desde que fui lá a primeira vez que fiquei apaixonada, e as pessoas são super simpáticas e welcoming!
    Eu acho que vais adorar esta experiência e vão ser sem dúvida uns anos para recordar 🙂 Desejo-te muita sorte com esses exames iniciais, vais ver que vai tudo correr pelo melhor *


  7. dany says:

    A única coisa que te posso dizer é: GO GIRL! Primeiro pensei é mesmo isto que ela quer da vida dela? Mas depois de pensar 5 min em tudo aquilo que escreves-te, a resposta é mais que óbvia. Fico tão feliz por ti, como se fosses alguém com a qual estou todos os dias e vejo atingir um dos seus maiores sonhos.
    Tinhas familiares ai na Holanda ou alguém que conhecesses? Vais ver que vais passar no exame na boinha 😉
    P.S. Um dia encho-te de beijos por seres uma miúda tão querida, não imaginas a felicidade com que fico cada vez que venho ao blog e tenho mais um comentário teu, mesmo que eu só consiga responder meio século depois.
    P.S.2. Já te disse que odeio inglês? É que agora NEM PENSES em começar só a escrever inglês que eu dou em maluca e demoro milhões de anos a conseguir entender tudo.


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