Desabafo #2

J.: je bent een ondeugend meisje! *in Dutch*
Me: hmmm… I don’t know what you said but it didn’t sound good.
J.: it’s nothing bad, I promise.
Me: what did you mean by that?
J.: that you are a naughty girl.
Me: *smiles*

This is a small bit of a conversation I had in France with a guy, on one day that we were going home from the excavation. I don’t remember exactly how he said the first sentence so I used the Google translate to write it. The word “naughty” can have many meanings but he was not saying it with any dirty or sexual meaning. It was said in a sense of teasing… In Portuguese it can be translated to “atrevida”.

This is actually a funny and an interesting thing because by having said that, it demonstrates that he knew me better than most people who have known me for three or more years. Now that I’m thinking about it, apart from my best friends, the only people who know that side of me are not only foreigners but also people who I only met once in my life and for a really short period of time in excavation projects. I don’t know if this is a bad or a good thing, but I actually like when some people don’t know me that well.


6 thoughts on “Desabafo #2

  1. Sweet woman says:

    A verdade é que não são todas as pessoas que têm a capacidade de verem para além do óbvio, mas as poucas que o fazem conseguem perceber-nos e conhecer-nos melhor que ninguém num período muito curto de tempo, enquanto as outras passam uma vida a achar que nos conhecem porque estão na nossa vida há anos. Acho que é um bocado isso que acontece.


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