Day 23: Lascaux II

Since I’ve only been writing these posts in English, I won’t change this configuration. I know I promised to write in both Portuguese and English but it’s a lot easier to write in just one language. I could have continued writing in Portuguese but I thought this could be an interesting topic for a lot of people, so that’s why I’m writing in English instead of Portuguese. Another week is gone and I can’t believe that the fourth has already started. The time has passed so quickly and people are starting to live, which is actually really sad. I know that I still two more weeks (beside this one) but I’m already missing this; if you know what I mean. I don’t wanna go back to my reality; I wish I could go with some of these people to the United States of America or Canada. I really want to see my family and fiends but I’m not too excited about going back to my boring reality in Portugal. It’s just a shame that I can’t go to the other side of the Atlantic. Oh well… Maybe some day… Who knows…

The end of a week means that we had a Saturday free of work. It’s weird to have to work on a Sunday but I’m glad that we have at least one day free. Thus, this Saturday, me and a couple of girls, we went to Lascaux II. As you may know, the real Lascaux Cave has been closed for several years and the replica – Lascaux II – is the one that the public can see.

Probably my opinion isn’t going to be the most optimistic of all but an opinion is always an opinion. I admit that I am disappointed about the cave. The tours are guided (normal ones in French and special ones in, as far as I know, English, German and Dutch) and this is something that I don’t like because it doesn’t gives any kind of freedom. However, what they tell us is interesting and a good piece of information for people who don’t know anything about rock paintings. In this context, other thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the whole tour lasted only for 40 minutes, which didn’t leaves us any room to calmly observe the paintings: we were basically only able to see the ones pointed out during the guided tour, leaving a whole bunch of them behind. Moreover, the fact that the paintings aren’t real (I know, I know, they’re not supposed to be and I already knew it upfront) makes it less extraordinary. I may only have this opinion because I saw a real cave with rock paintings before I went to Lascaux II. The cave I went to was the Niaux Cave, in the Pyrenees. This was one of the most amazing and beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Still related to Lascaux… Not all is bad. The cave is well reconstructed and it very realistic. So, if you’ve never seen a rock painting cave, Lascaux II is a good option and it will be worth your money and time. However, I feel that if you’ve already seen one cave like this, Lascaux II won’t be that appealing.

I can’t say much about the tickets sale because we bought it on the bus that took us to the cave. As far as I understood, people don’t need to make reservations if they’re going on their own but if you’re going in a group of more than 20 people, you need to make a reservation. I’m not sure but I think that there’s a tour every 20 minutes. We took a bus from Sarlat directly to Lascaux II and we bought the ticket on the bus. So, for anyone staying in Sarlat, this bus is the best option since it is super cheap: the journey only costs 1€. This time I won’t be posting photos that I took because we’re not allowed to take photos inside the cave. Thus, the pictures I’m posting were taken from the Internet.

Has anyone been to Lascaux II?

9 thoughts on “Day 23: Lascaux II

  1. Raquel Painço says:

    Achei as pinturas interessantes.
    Compreendo o teu sentimento, deves estar a ter uns tempos tão espectaculares que voltar para Portugal, o sítio onde parece que nada de novo acontece, vai ser difícil. Mas vais ver que um dia tens oportunidade de explorar mais 🙂


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